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Thread: Huggies baby steps for him

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    Default Huggies baby steps for him

    I stopped into a mom and pop grocery store and saw they had 2 packages of the huggies baby steps for him size 5 diapers. I saw their price on eBay and wondered if there was still an intrest in them as I haven't seen any being sold in a while. They are in a package like this.$_3.JPG

    I found 2 packs of the all white package (blue backed) huggies baby steps for him diapers in a mom and pop grocery store. One opened and one sealed. Is it worth me picking them up? I see them going for high dollar on eBay but nothin here recently. Is there still an interest in these?
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    No not really. Do you think I could get the address to that store. Just kidding, in reality you should be able to get some good money from them. If they are the largest size of baby steps then you can bring in high dollar.

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