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Thread: Thoughts Tranquility ATN vs Molicare Super plus

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    Default Thoughts Tranquility ATN vs Molicare Super plus

    Just wondering your thoughts I'm getting ready to buy next months supply. I have been very happy with Molicare but the ATN is significantly cheaper on amazon. Please share your thoughts.

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    On the plus side ATN's do hold a good bit, easily two wettings, are plastic backed with decent tapes, and are priced well below the premium diapers. On the down side the ATN's tend to clump very badly. Also you may or may not like the fact that they are probably one of the loudest (i.e. most crinkle) of any diaper out there and they do tend to swell up a good bit. Unfortunately I can't compare to the Moilicare's since I've never tried them.

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    In short, you get what you pay for.

    Tranquility doesn't compare to Molicare. It's thinner, and has less capacity.

    If you were upgrading from a store brand like Depend, there would be a difference with the Tranquility being better in terms of capacity.

    Molicare probably doubles if not triples the capacity.

    If you need to spend less money, then go for it.

    Molicare is a bit on the steep end of price. There's others out there that you can try.


    I've read in other posts that you are incontinent and transitioning from catheters. I'm glad you researched enough to buy diapers outside of a store.

    It might be better for you if you were to buy different levels of capacity. If you're feeling that you are wasting premium diapers, you can save money somewhat that way.

    I've done some research before and if I were incontinent, using premium diapers vs store brand, even though the premium diapers are more expensive, you are using less diapers by not having to change them as often.

    I've worn different levels of diapers for a consecutive week.

    Store brands turned out to be more costly in the end. Not only by cost, but always worrying if the diaper is at capacity or might leak.

    About myself, I wear for both pleasure and convenience. I drive trucks for a living. Wearing high capacity diapers helps me maximize my legal hours of driving. I can drive much further without stopping to go to the bathroom and keeps me able to skip nasty public restrooms. It makes my work days shorter and able to relax longer after my day of work.

    I wear thicker diapers because I also like the bulk. I wear ABU diapers often with boosters. However I don't advertise my diapered state, I make sure that it's not obvious and have realized that people don't look for diaper butts. It's all mental anxiety and self consciousness making it seem like everyone will know and can see.

    What you have to ask yourself is what do you want in a diaper? Only you know what you actually want.
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    Generally speaking Tranquility ATNs use a lot of SAP and Molicares use more fluff. I personally prefer ATNs to Molicares but that's just like my opinion man.

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