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    Okay, so suspend your disbelief for a moment (something most of us are probably rather good at, as Littles!).

    You can invite any 3 people to a dinner party. 2 of them have to be people living now, and you can also invite one person from history. I'm going for...

    Paul Simon. Absolutely love his music. Would also love to hear about his experience of trying to record and play music in apartheid-era South Africa.

    Amy Poehler. One of the funniest and most likeable comics anywhere. Because every party needs someone to crack some brilliant one-liners.

    Clara Bow. As a film buff, I'd love to chat to the first female star (and sex symbol) of cinema and the original 'It girl'. And she could act.

    Who would you guys choose, and why?

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    Jacksepticeye: Jack is just an amazing guy. Always very humble when he meets fans and I think it would be great just to talk with him for an evening.

    Billie Joe Armstrong: Green Day is my favorite band and Billie is my celebrity crush.

    George Carlin: George was a big influence on how I see life. I'd love to thank him and see what other lessons he could teach me.

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    Charlie Day: Super funny guy with an amazing voice. I'd love for him to sing "Go Fuck Yourself" at said dinner party.

    Alan Rickman: I didn't see his death coming and when it happened I bawled my eyes out in pain/disbelief. I need to thank him for all the amazing work he's done and tell him how shit he helped me through as a kid. Reading about Snape being the true hero of the book gave me so much hope that I could be a good guy despite my wrongdoings.

    Danny Sexbang: I just really want to jam with this guy. Like get silly drunk and just start singing 80's tunes.

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    I would like one of our founding fathers like Thomas Jefferson to ask him is this really what the original constitution was supposed to allow?

    Brian May, guitarist for Queen, to hear the stories first hand about the best rock band ever.

    Ok, I'm going to say it: Jesus. Again, I would like to ask about current worldly affairs and is this was all meant to be and are we going in the right direction.

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    Garth Ennis: very much alive (I sincerely hope), mainly because his stories have entertained me for such a very long time and I feel I would to give him many pints as a token of appreciation. Also think he would get a kick out of my other guests.

    Julian Assange: pretty sure no one has bumped him off yet and sure he could give an interesting viewpoint on the state of the world today and the disgrace of having way too powerful states.

    Josip Tito: love to hear the washup thoughts from the man who played off the East and West and looked after his people so well.

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