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Thread: Catheters or diapers

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    Default Catheters or diapers

    I have been having bladder issues as an adult for ten years. I wear protection 24/7, it started with small scale pads for 'drips' and gradually I needed more capacity. Now I wear high capacity all in one diaper, these are good as they only rarely leak.

    I have tried lots of medication and some surgery. I have a choice now - more Botox and controlled wetting with catheter or to continue with my diapers. Both have pros and cons . Does anyone else have this issue? What choice did you make? Why did you make it? Are you happy with your choice?

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    I have been making use of controlled via catheter for the past 36 years and have now started to simply give into the diaper more often. I find that years of catheter use does irritate the urethra. Making use of diapers does not mean that I do not cath at times or attempt to use a toilet. But I have found that diaper used does take away a bit of the stress and management issues.

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    Catheters are known for infections, as diapers are more of a mental stigma. It also depends on what kind of diapers you're using. The thinner diapers can cause anxiety with worrying of leaking. The thicker diapers can cause worry of exposure. (Which I believe is all in the mind because no one looks for diaper butts)

    Diapers are more comfortable in my opinion and if you can get over your own fears, you'll be able to carry on as normal in public.

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    depends on what im doing, if im traveling ill cath for up to a week at a time. I just keep a pull up on to catch any drips and to hold the tubing still.

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    I have had no control of my bladder or bowels for my entire life. I have been catherized a few times and diapered for decades. I would always choose diapers

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    I have gone to using a condom catheter more frequently now as a result of the significant increase in the cost of quality diapers. However, for night time use I still use a good disposable diaper and a plastic panty.

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    Oh yeah, there's no way I'd go with catheters after having three of them done within an hour for a urodynamic test. I can't imagine ANYONE choosing the searing pain of inserting one of them over wearing a diaper unless, as was said, it was an absolute necessity. I think we're safe there, heh.

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    I had to use a catheter for about six weeks after back surgery as I no longer could pee on my own. After the swelling went down, it took the pressure off the nerves in my lower back and things kicked in. Given my druthers, I would much rather wear diapers than cath myself. I recently had a UTI and the pain was unbelievable. Catheters can cause such problems and I never want to go there again.

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    I've done catheters before, I absolutely HATE them. I'll take a diaper and the risk of embarrassment any day over a catheter. Hell, I'd be more willing to wear a diaper with obvious AB prints and see through pants out and about before a catheter.

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