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Thread: medium crinklz2 / betterdry sizing

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    Default medium crinklz2 / betterdry sizing

    Can anyone compare the medium with the large? I have some large here, they fit about the same as confidry, which run larger it seems. They're the ONLY diaper I can wear medium in, and they are close but do fit me. (the lower tapes only hit the front wing with about 1/2" to spare) I'd like to order a case of medium if they're usable. Yes I know, samples, but they're expensive! I'd rather invest that toward the case if I can. I was ordering from, is there anyone better for usa?

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    The new Crinklz run even smaller in sizes than the old ones did. The packaging claims up to 43" on the mediums. I ordered them for me with my waist that varies between 36 and 38 inches, and it would not fit. I could get the top tapes to JUST fit. But the bottom ones couldn't. Even if I had a bit of the tape hanging over the edge of the front panel to be able to make it hold, it felt like it was cutting the blood circulation in my legs!

    I know that the majority of the printed brands run smaller than the standard incontinence focused ones, but usually I find myself able to fit the mediums, despite being at the top end of their sizing limits. With the Crinklz they were totally useless to me and I had to give them away. Pretty disappointed given the claims on the packaging and online.

    I'll be placing an order for large ones just so I can finally try them next time I have a bit of spare cash.

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    Thanks for the reply, PP. (see what I did there?) You saved me from having a case of very nice looking stuffers I'd never use. The larges fit on me so the top tapes get to the wavy "sidelines". That leaves a lot of front wing material under on the sides, and is generally considered the smallest area of the range on a diaper. (and you start overlapping the waistband elastic on the front too) So I was thinking maybe a medium would fit better, but it sounds like NOT!

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    Default medium crinklz2 / betterdry sizing

    I have a 34" waist and I typically wear a Med in all other diapers and I barely fit in Crinklz Med. I almost wish I would have gotten Large instead but a lot of the reviews said they were the same as Dry 24/7. They are definitely smaller than Dry 24/7 though.
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    I'm a 38" waist on a good day, so clearly not happening for me.

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    I'm a 36" waist, and the Crinklz mediums are just about big enough for me; I've been able to wear and use them fine, but the waist doesn't really come up high enough to sit properly on my hips, therefore I've had issues with sagging. Will definitely get the large in future.

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