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Thread: New ABU Lavender diaper

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    Default New ABU Lavender diaper

    Any thoughts on the new ABU Lavender diaper?
    Most definitely one for the girl ABDL's out there, ladies what do think of the new design will any of you purchase when it's go's on sale?

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    It'll be cool to see a picture of the actual product; the picture on their News page is pretty clearly a mock-up. Still, it looks approximately a zillion times better than the "Sissy" design from Old ABU. That design just sucked. So much. It looked like somebody had hurriedly dragged every remotely feminine piece of clip art they could find onto a diaper-shaped matte and said, "Ship it!" I guess, if I had one complaint about the "Lavender" design, based on the mock-up, it's that some of the print elements seem a bit small. Generally speaking, I'm for big prints. Having baby-sized print details on an adult-sized diaper is visually a bit... "off". Again, let's see how the actual product looks!
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    I actually happened to really like the ABU Sissy Diaper a great deal and to see it disappear disappointed me a lot. I am SO glad they are reviving an effeminate-looking diaper based on a new design. Hopefully, like Cottontail said, the print is much larger.

    What would be awesome is if ABU printed generic princess characters on it, that turn into zombies when they meet moisture, much like they did with the aliens in the 'Space' design.
    Or, the moisture causes the ink to blur, looking as if they are melting away.

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    I thought we should have an image of the New ABU Lavender diaper in the thread
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    It does look very cute for the ladies but I also hope they create another girly diaper within the Space/Pawz/Simple line with four tapes & super capacity. This one looks like it's part of the Cushies/SDK line.

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    I am not into sissy/girly stuff but this one I'd almost wear :')!
    The old DC amor diaper was by far the ugliest I ever saw. The front panel print was ugly, fuzzy and looked like it was just ripped from some stock image site. The new one with kittens is not so fuzzy-looking anymore, but still has this stock photo feel to the designs. Does not look professional at all.
    This, then again..! They have actually DESIGNED something! Reminds me of goodnites for girls and some Tena lady stuff, really well done :O

    When buying goodnites I usually buy the girl's version because the prints are more colourful and fun. With AB diapers then again, if it says "sissy" or "for girls" I tend to steer away.
    It's cute little animals and prints for me all the way :'D! And not even because I'm a furry, it's just because they are genuinely the nicest designs so far!

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    I wish my wife was into diapers because I would definitely like to see her in these.

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    I love these designs! Can't wait to get me some! SO CUTE!!!!

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    I think they look very odd, with such a high contrast between the wings and the center. Defintey reminds me of clothlike too.

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