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Thread: Guys Underwear question...

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    Default Guys Underwear question...

    For those of you who aren't diapered 24/7, what underwear do you wear normally?

    I'm a briefs kind of guy. I'm 29 and that's all I wear, I don't even own any boxers or boxerbriefs. Be it tighty whites or something more colorful, briefs are my choice.

    My preference for briefs ties directly into my diaper side too. Considering that many guys my age don't wear's something that makes me feel "littler" than them. I consider them my "big boy underwear"

    So I was just wondering...what do you guys wear?

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    I wear boxers. I am considering changing to "tighty whities" as I have a tendency to dribble and the protection pads don't work in boxers.

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    Briefs. Yes, that also tied into some early diaper fantasies. Age 10ish, I'd gather up all my briefs and put on half a dozen or more, pull a pair of my baby sisters plastic pants over that, and then my jeans. Usually I'd do this when home alone so I had time and privacy to wet and do laundry. Alone time was at a premium with 3 siblings and a stay at home mom..... occasionally I got really desperate and did it while my mom was home Once, I even wet myself while talking to her. That was a seriously blissful and satisfying experience. If she had any clue, she never said anything.

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    Boxers. It's odd, considering how much I wear padding, but I always found briefs too confining.

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    Yes. Briefs definitely work better for wearing the pads. I use them too.

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    Briefs all the way. Boxers never worked well for me because they let stuff shift around and get uncomfortable.

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    Briefs because boxers always caused horrible chaffing. Also maxx, try five siblings, being the youngest, and nosy siblings. Got caught once wearing a diaper taken from my friend's sister's room. My friend also liked to wear them, but his parents "fixed" him. I was grounded for a weekend. Funny thing is, I was at the age where I still sucked my thumb and carried my blankie around with me. Well hello people, they kept on calling me the baby of the family, what did they expect to happen when they continuously reinforced that idea on an impressionable mind.

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    Never wore boxers, don't like them. Boxer briefs are the worst of both worlds. I guess it is partially being of a certain age. Back when I was growing up only OLD MEN (sorry dad) wore boxers. Us kids wore tighty whiteys and the fashionable guys were wearing colored briefs of various kinds. I guess that's sort of flipped around the otherway these days.

    No boxers (or boxer briefs) in my drawer, I've got some nice low rise men's briefs, some fancier bikinis, a few men's thongs, some VS second skin satin stuff, some gir'ls days of the week panties, some leotards I use as underwear, and of course, diapers.

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    Just guys boxer briefs for me...I like the fit. When I'm in them I'm usually taking care of grown up stuff anyway...maybe they help me to think big. If I was wearing anything like little guy undies / trainers etc I'd fail at being big for sure.
    (Just for clarity, I probably would only wear a diaper or on my big days maybe training pants.) but hey a guys gotta live...sux yeah.

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    Briefs all the way. Whether they're tighty-whities, colors, or even training pants, I like the fit and the style of briefs.

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