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  • Abri Form Classic (Plastic Backed)

    13 86.67%
  • Abri Form Premium (Cloth Backed)

    2 13.33%
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Thread: Vote: Abena Abri Form Vs Premiums

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    Default Vote: Abena Abri Form Vs Premiums

    I want to use this thread to show the preference of Abena products, especially here in the Southern Hemisphere.

    The classic Plastic Backed Abri Forms Vs the cloth Abri Form Premium.

    I noted in the other thread that Plastic backed diapers were well ahead of cloth backed ones, but now it is simply which product do you prefer.

    Feel free to say why you like one product over the other.

    So you only have enough money to get one or the other, which do you choose?

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    I can't vote as I'm in the Northern Hemisphere, but I much prefer the plastic-backed Abri-Forms. The fake-cloth-backed ones just aren't as snug-fitting, and the Premium ones are even worse as they're breathable and have elasticated tapes (which makes them fit even less snugly than the non-premium cloth-backed ones.

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    I vote plastic. My experience with abena cloth is that they sag and lose their shape. I've even had to pull them back up. Capacity is close to the same. I like the stretchy tapes on the cloth ones I was amazed by how refastenable they were. I kinda wish the plastic ones had the cloth tapes.

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