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Thread: I told people about little's and me being one..

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    Default I told people about little's and me being one..

    So far I have fully told 2 people about being a little and explained to them what the community is, that is my auntie and our mutual friend, in fact our friend was the first to know because he is a very open person, he is a spiritual medium and so I was able to tell him and he said about his inner child etc.. then today me, him and my auntie met up and went for lunch, my auntie is like a big child anyway and we all went in build a bear and each got a bear.. we were later buying food and snacks because we are staying at my nan's whilst visiting and my auntie joked around about buying some sippy cups she saw, she said "come on lets get them!" and we laughed and brought them.. She loves her new sippy cup! So I decided to talk to her about little's, I explained what they are and how I myself am a 2 and a half year old little.. She took it amazingly well and said she has always felt younger than she is and is more of a 9-12 year old little and is now looking into it more, I would have never thought I would have been talking about it with her or anywhere near talking about it but she showed her childish side so I took the risk and it paid off

    Turns out my cousin also wants a NUK 5 to stop her grinding her teeth, the universe works in crazy ways and I am so lucky to have such open minded people in my life!

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    Glad you have someone to share with.

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    you are very lucky to have open minded people in your life!!! be careful there are so many that are not!! I have been using pacifiers for grinding teeth for 30 years!! i destroy one once a week saving hundreds not buying teeth guards I like nuk size 3 tend to gag when i wake up with nuk 5 I take a stretch ribbon alot like a dust mask strap and tie it to both sides so it does not fall out when im sleeping and leave it a llttle loose the latex ones last twice as long as the silicone ones but squeak so loud

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    That's really great to hear and I'm so glad you have someone to share with and even an aunt who kinda likes being younger herself. That's a really special bond. And yeah, anything to stop teeth grinding is amazing. I have a retainer that's also a night guard for myself, but they're really expensive if you never needed the dental work for other reasons, so a pacifier is way better.

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    I need to get myself a pacifier or something. My front middle right tooth is pointed on the left side and I have the bad habit of cutting my tongue on it when nervous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silentdreamer1996 View Post
    I need to get myself a pacifier or something. My front middle right tooth is pointed on the left side and I have the bad habit of cutting my tongue on it when nervous.

    Hi silentdreamer1996

    Sorry for coming over big brotherish.

    But have you been to the dentist over it.

    I bit through my first pacifier that i got as an AB which was a mistake as it did not feel right in my mouth after.

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    Oh I'm still seeing the dentist for my teeth, course, it is really for my jaw. The reason why the tooth is that way is because one of my old dentist nipped the tip with a drill. They would even it out, but it is kind of close to the vein.

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    It always feels good to know that there is a global village for this sort of thing!

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