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Thread: Wetting nappy during the night

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    Default Wetting nappy during the night


    Took a break from wearing a nappy to bed for a few weeks, but have started again. I wear the one nappy all through the night and don't worry about changes if I wet it during the night. A lot of the time I was sleeping all through the night, so I only wet it the following morning. When I was without a nappy for a few weeks, for whatever reason I found myself needing to get up a good bit to pee. I was missing having the nappy on, so I saw it as another incentive to get back into a nappy going to bed. At least then if I need to go once or twice during the night, I can just wet the nappy, stay warm under the covers and fall back asleep.

    My problem is, I simply cannot get around not being able to pee while lying down in the bed. Clearly my head is still blocking it from happening and needs me to be standing up before going. I then end up standing up, going, and then getting back into bed. Which kinda ruins the whole not getting out of the warm bed thing! And then it takes longer to get back to sleep.

    I did think that being a man, maybe there was too much pressure on my penis if it was right up against the inside of the nappy, preventing me from wetting it. But even putting the nappy a bit looser hasn't helped, and I don't want to cause a leak either.

    How long did you find it took to get your head around wetting your nappy while lying down in the bed? Did you find some way of just relaxing and getting around the block in the head that says you need to stand up to pee? This has been an issue for quite a while at this stage.

    Any help appreciated

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    I managed to wet lying down in bed maybe once or twice. Now I can't. -_- People will tell you it's all about relaxing and trusting your diaper, getting over that mental block of not peeing in bed, but I guess for some it's easier than for others. I don't know if it would help, but maybe getting a waterproof mattress cover would put your mind at ease some?

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    I've never wet in my sleep and I've been wearing about 4 years now, pretty much 24/7. I can pee laying down or laying on my side, whichever. Peeing whilst laying on ones side may cause leaks though. I've bought a waterproof bed sheet for this purpose.

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    As others have already said, just try to relax your mind and think "if it leaks, so what, at least I tried?" Just trust your Nappy and do wee wees when you want to I have only been wearing Nappies for about a month now (I couldn't deal with wanting to wear them so much so just went ahead and bought myself some from online) and my first wetting in a Nappy was lying down in bed, I just thought "I have paid for these so let's just have a nice wee wee in my Nappy as I have paid and gone through all the anxiety of having them delivered to my house so I am going to enjoy my Nappy"

    I guess you will gradually get used to wetting your Nappy in bed and I wish you with all my heart the very best of luck, I have found recently I don't really like the back part of my Nappy being wet (and as of this week have seemed to notice the back part of my Nappy only getting wet when I wee laying on my back) I absolutely love standing up to soak the front part of my Nappy and then sitting down and rubbing the squishyness, I have only experienced that this week, I stand up, soak my Nappy and then sit down and rub my Nappy for as long as I can until I no longer have a free house, Ahh it felt so lovely, comforting and nice sitting there in my really warm cosy Nappy

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    I am incontinent, but that can make it more difficult to pee on demand sometimes. Try getting in a comfortable position to pee, pee a little to 'prime the pump', then lay back down and continue peeing. You may need to pull your knees up to help relax the pelvic floor.

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    What I did was to learn was really simple. First and formost make sure you tuck your junk down so that the flow goes down the center of the diaper and up the back. Secondly just relax the bladder muscles(relax the sphincter like your peeing). After a few moments you should notice a light trickle and thats when you can push and release the flood gates. It takes practice but its like riding a bike, once you learn how you dont forget.

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    As everyone has said, give it time. DO NOT drink a lot of water thinking it'll force you to go. I tried that, it doesn't work and its miserable. It's just going to take time to get more control over your bladder. Don't concern yourself about emptying out. Just try to at least get a trickle going whenever you wake up. Call it good and fall back asleep. See how much you can do in the morning before getting up out of bed. Cat's "prime the pump" suggestion is also a good one. Once you've started, even having a little urine still in your urethra, will help your body resume. Starting is always harder than resuming or finishing.

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    It is something that you get used to once you do it several times, it didn't take me but a couple of nights to pee while lying down.

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    You could try this. Stand up to and start peeing and while still going get back into bed and lay down. You will probably stop when you start to lay back down but keep doing it. It will take some time, but the more you do it the closer you will get to still be peeing when you lay down and then not even having to stand up. It takes practice though.

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    I have an EXTREMELY shy bladder and couldn't pee lying down for a long time. It's all about getting comfortable that it is ok to do and trusting your diaper (and also realising a small leak is not a major problem). As others have said, priming the pump can help a lot. Here are the crazy steps I went through;

    1 lay in the bath naked and pee
    2 lay in the bath in a diaper and pee
    3 lay on the bathroom floor in a diaper (on a towel) and pee
    4 lay on the bathroom floor in a diaper under a duvet and pee
    5 lay on the bed in a diaper with no duvet and pee
    6 lay on the bed in a diaper under a duvet and pee

    Now I can wake up in the night, pee in my diaper and go straight back to sleep. No need to go to the bathroom like before. I still have to concentrate on relaxing to pee, but that's good as it means I am not becoming a bedwetter.

    Good luck DictionaryA

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