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Thread: Finally managed to wet outside a bathroom

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    Default Finally managed to wet outside a bathroom

    For a long time I couldn't wet my diaper outside a bathroom, but I finally managed to.

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    It's great to be able to go while gaming etc.. haha!

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    I can go whilst sitting down in front of my gaming PC, even during a gaming session or looking at Facebook. Quite convenient really.

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    Congratulations! It's a big step to be able to do that. Next milestones will be going while sitting, laying down, walking, & going while around other people.

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    It took me forever to go while driving. That was a big hurdle, when I felt it come out without pushing :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by OhHeyThere View Post
    It took me forever to go while driving. That was a big hurdle, when I felt it come out without pushing :P
    how about while walking? going up/down stairs? running? (best I can do is hold a stream while walking somewhat briskly)

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    I still have trouble while driving. I don't wear that often out of the house, and something about sitting and driving makes me not want to go. I'm afraid that I'm going to leak. I can go while walking, sitting, laying down, and sometimes around others (depending on how much I need to go.)

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    Pickup a washable water proof pad for the car seat I picked a couple up a few months ago that are dark in colour like my cars seat so they don't stand out to much.

    I also wear plastic pants when out as well so thank God leaks have not been an issue while in the car.

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    Yes it does take some time to learn how to do it, I was mostly scared of leaks while I started.

    Now I can pee my diaper when I'm alone and laying down, but cannot do it in public sadly.

    That being said, that is a huge milestone and congrats, keep trying and maybe even do it in unusual locations like while your driving if you drive.

    You'll get to the point that its just natural too, I can do it without even thinking about it, it just happens when I'm diapered.

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