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Thread: Diaper hoarding

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    Default Diaper hoarding

    Does anyone else hoard diapers? I have always been exclusively into plastic backed diapers and Luvs were my diaper of choice. Back in the late 90's/early 00's Luvs was one of the last hold outs. Once they were gone, my DL side was put on hold for good (or so I thought) I would not discover that adult diapers were all still plastic backed for several years later. I discovered Nature Boy & Girl diapers but those too eventually changed and then went away completely.

    Once I discovered that adult diapers were still plastic backed, I worried they would go away too. I started buying more than I use and I now have amassed a 5'x5' storage locker full to the top of diapers as well as cases and cases in my garage. In hindsight it probably seems foolish since there has been a renaissance of AB/DL diapers available. On the other hand though, we have seen many great diapers go away or at least change to be nothing like the original. To this day, I will buy more than I need in order to stash away a case or two in fear that I won't be able to find that particular diaper again.

    Anyone else do this?

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    Not quite to that extent, but I have stockpiled diapers before I had a car. Diapers were hard to buy, so when I had a chance, I would buy a lot. At one point I had about 8 packages stocked up, and since I was still living at home at the time and couldn't wear often, that was like a two year supply to me. Now I limit myself to just 1-2 packages at a time because it's easier to buy when I need them.

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    Yes, I'll admit I as well do some diaper hoarding/collecting. Since I wasn't sure how long certain designs of diapers were going to be around I would buy them and add them to my collection which is currently inside of a closet under a blanket at my parents house. It mostly consists of Girls GoodNites and a few other girly type diapers. It's just cool to look at them every now and again just to admire something that is no longer manufactured or if it is, very hard to find.

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    I have about 20 cases of diapers and I keep buying more.

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    I thought I stockpiled quite a lot, but reading the above, I guess not lol

    I tend to buy mine in bulk and take a day off work and wait for the deliveries from the various companies that I have bought from. I had my latest deliveries 2 days ago. I got 4x packs of attends M10's, 2xpacks of abriform M4's (old plastic style), 8x packs of ID expert pro's (plastic backed), 4x packs of ID expert pros's (cloth backed) and for the very first time 1x pack of crincklz. I tend to order in bulk like that every 6-8 months.

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    The walk-in closet is getting very crowded as of late. Too many good new diapers to buy and support, too many good deals. (TBH I still kinda wish I'd have gotten a lot more xplus on bogo than I did) And here I am, with an order on the way, contemplating another thing to get... it's a good probem to have I suppose? I'd imagine a lot of it is simply "rebound" from going years desperately wanting diapers and not being able to have any. I've got a lot of diaper wearing to make up for!

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    I have probably the most Abena X-Plus and that's not counting the bogo sale. I had found a pharmacy in the UK that sold via eBay. They had the Tena Slip Maxi for cheap and that was before you could get them here. I think I bought 20 packs and I regret not buying more.

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    lol, yep. I do this as well. My collection of stuff varies too.

    I remember when the plastic backed diapers were going away, in the late 90's / early 2000's, like you mentioned. It took me awhile to realize that they were gone. But luckily I live in a rural area, and there's a bunch of small towns around with small grocery stores. So the plastic backed ones had been out of production for a year or two, and I started to make the drive to some of the small stores. I was surprised to see that parents were skipping over the old stock and only buying the cloth backed ones. So I was able to buy up several packages of Pampers and Luvs.

    I was able to buy the older Goodnites as well. When they switched to the Trim Fit, I bought several of the older packages. I still have a few left. I even found several packages of DryNites a couple years later of the old Large size (which is larger than the current L / XL size).

    But I was always bad about buying several packages of Goodnites and not using them all up, before the prints changed. I wanted to try out the new print; so the packages I had would get placed into storage tubs. I've got several very large storage tubs completely filled with all the different goodnite prints in new packages.

    I've done this with adult diapers as well. When I first discovered the SDK from ABU, I freaked. It was the same pattern as the first diaper I ever got when I was older and not a toddler. I was so happy. I bought a bunch of them. Took me a few years before I needed more and I bought a bunch again.

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    Not sure if I would call it hording but I have 1 plastic backed Abena left, every day I want to use it, but I also don't want none left if was cheap to ship to NZ or we had a local retailer I'd use it in a heartbeat and buy more

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    i still have a pile of old ones!! but today the cloth peels of the pampers baby drys and back to plastic

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