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Thread: Buying nappies from the pharmacy...

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    Default Buying nappies from the pharmacy...

    I generally buy my nappies online to avoid humiliation but there have been a few times where I needed new nappies urgently and decided I had to rush out to the pharmacy to get them. I tend to take a bus out to somewhere relatively remote and far from my home so that no one I know is likely to see me buy them, but I still feel so embarrassed, especially when there's no self-checkout in the store and I have to buy them from an actual human. To top it off, the absorbancy often isn't nearly as good as the nappies I can get online. Do you guys have any advice on buying nappies from a store? Does anyone else ever feel embarrassed by it?

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    Hi Derek
    I use to be embarrassed by buying diapers, now a year later I no longer worry if some one sees me buying oe wearing diapers for my badder issue. Just remind your self no one cares what your buying for the most part and you need diapers to control your issue.

    Millions of us are stuck wearing diapers, so there is no reason to feel ashamed or embarrassed you need diapers.

    Hope you start to feel more relaxed when buying diapers

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    Whenever I have one of THOSE clerks who cracks a joke about wearing diapers, I always say, "we came into this world wearing diapers, and it's how most of us will leave it"

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    At a young age, it's quite embarrassing to have to buy diapers for yourself. We got conditioned as children that 'diapers are for babies' and that wearing them is a bad thing. Especially around your age, it's really hard to deal with--you're trying to prove you're capable of being an independent adult and can make your way in this world, and yet have to rely on something that is associated with a helpless creature who needs every aspect of their life cared for. It does become easier with time, you realize that they are just something you deal with and, in dealing with it appropriately, you are being more of an adult.

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    I never was nervous about buying diapers, or anything related to them. I am lucky I can walk after suffering an major broken back, only left with bladder incontinence, I did have a salesclerk say something one time and I went right to customers service and bitched about it and within 5 minutes that clerk was asking for forgiveness .. Let's be thankful for more and more selection each year , when I started wearing diapers back in the 1990s, there wasn't much of a choice, just my 2 cents worth

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    When I was young (10 to 15) I was always nervous about going into a drugstore or supermarket to buy diapers. Consequently, I and two friends (there were into being TBs with me) would either steal baby diapers from relatives who had babies or toddlers in diapers (anyone remember those Pampers 6 & 7s) or make our own "makeshift" diapers from old towels and duct tape. But that all changed when I became an adult. Now I just walking into a drugstore or supermarket and threw a package of diapers into my cart and checked out. No one laughed or quizzed me on why I was buying diapers. I also never got and quizzical or dirty looks either. Buying diaper like that are far more easier or convenient that ordering them from an online diaper supplier.

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    Most pharmacies are happy to order the kind you need and have you pick them up at their store.

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    Quote Originally Posted by silentdreamer1996 View Post
    Whenever I have one of THOSE clerks who cracks a joke about wearing diapers, I always say, "we came into this world wearing diapers, and it's how most of us will leave it"
    "We came into this world bald, babbling, and wearing a diaper, and that's probably how we'll leave it too!"

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    I didn't think I would ever get embarrassed anymore buying diapers even though I hardly ever buy in store anymore cause the selections sucks compared to online however a few Fridays ago I HAD TO go into walmart for *deep sigh* depends and some always ultimate long pads.

    When I went into the incontinence aisle there was a pretty stock girl stocking soap on the opposite shelves talking with her friend who was helping her. As I was walking to the depends she looks at me and says "hi", I got SO nervous that I didn't respond and just grabbed the bag of diapers, and as it went into my basket she says "how are you doing ?"

    Now I have the diapers and she saw me grab them and might have noticed my butt was huge but she was being so friendly that I had to mumble "oh I'm okay" as if I didn't know she was talking to me (there was no one else around lol) but I was so nervous I just left the aisle with out getting the pads.

    So after circling the adjacent aisle for 2 minutes pretending to browse I work up the courage to go back and locate and retrieve the pads I needed too... well as soon as I enter the aisle again she gives me a knowing look which I tried hard to miss but probably didnt look like i did and so i start to search the shelves for what I need.

    Well just my luck I can't find it right away and she asks me "if I need help finding anything?" Well at this point I start to stammer out a slow " ohhh ummm no..." but i notice she's still turned around watching me so I continue to say "...well maybeeee...." So I bit the bullet and said " well I'm supposed to find a box of pads the always ultimate long or whatever" trying my best to make it sound like they aren't for me lol.

    Well my nervousness at her prettyness and attentiveness to my embarassing shopping might have infected her too cause she replies to me "oh yes I know what you want let me take it to you , ..oh I'm sorry I mean they are on the end cap let me take You to Them *nervous giggle*".

    At that I got so relaxed thinking she was nervous too and so she led me to them and I grabbed a box thanked her and left. I saw her again a few days ago cause I needed more pads and she was in the same aisle again but this time she didn't even look at me or give me a second thought. I guess last time she was in a lot friendlier mood, I hope I wasn't mean to her by accident that first time =/

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    I order through a home delivery service called Hdis. I often have too many diapers if I order every month

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