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Thread: Spelling and grammar

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    Default Spelling and grammar

    Is it just me or do other members here find some of the bad spelling and grammar in some of the posts irritating? I can understand it when you are using it to emphasize a "baby" or "little" post but in a normal conversation it gets a bit much. I know I am not the worlds best speller and struggled with it all through school and college. These days there is so much help within computer programs that there is no reason for bad spelling to be there.
    Sometimes with some of the posts I just switch off and stop reading.

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    Yes, I find it annoying. My attention span can be a bit short sometimes, and long, rambling blocks of text often do not hold my attention. I understand that some people have learning disabilities, speak English as a second language, etc., but others should at least try to make their posts readable.

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    Yes. I like long, detailed posts, but don't like deliberate baby style talk. Very annoying.

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    Psst, OP, you forgot an apostrophe on "worlds." It should be "world's" instead.

    At any rate, I try to just work around it. I'd prefer if posts were more readable, but I also feel like I can be flexible, whereas for some people the baby talk style posts really make them feel good and I don't mind that much.

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    Whether or not bad spelling & grammar annoys me depends on the context. If it's posters using 'baby talk' to sound cute, or purely a matter of laziness, then I find it irritating. However, I'm aware that as with any community, we're going to have some people who are more literate and eloquent than others. So if I believe it's a user whose less polished communication is down to their academic limitations, then I've no issue with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sissybaby34 View Post
    Is it just me or do other members here find some of the bad spelling and grammar in some of the posts irritating?[...]
    Read the similar threads, at the bottom of this page... this is not you and, it is not new...

    My last response to this issue...


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    It used to bother me, but people on the internet often type fast just to get out an idea quickly and can't be bothered to spellcheck. I've gotten used to it.

    And it's much more tolerable than the [email protected] that used to go around back in 2006.

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    Usually, I can ignore the small mistakes. If the whole post is atrociously typed, then I ignore the whole post (and in most cases, all other posts from that user). If people expect others to take them seriously, they should be respectful enough to proofread their posts before they actually make them.

    On the matter of learning disabilities, I'm willing to be more lenient, unless the individual constantly uses it as a crutch deliberately to absolve them of poor typing.

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    Well in my case I reverse letters that's is why I do not text chat.
    I can read fine but when it comes to getting it out of my head it's so hard .
    I struggle so much .
    Some time's it take's me 45 minutes to do a post I do my best .
    The faster I go the more messed up it gets.

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    Hi guys

    I know it irritates you.

    But I am trying my best when posting to at least get the spelling correct.

    I do have severe dyslexia along with other stuff. So my posts will not be grammar perfect.

    And the odd spelling will come out.

    I do run it through a spell check before posting, and i do read through. I even use a font at the size that I find it easier to read.

    Anyway there you go. That me

    Sisi the wonder kid.

    Hee hee.

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