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    Default giving up

    I've toyed with the idea of giving up this lifestyle trying to accept it and trying to leave it seem to be at the same levels of difficulty to me

    so my question is has anybody tried to give up or knows somebody who's tried to give up and do you know anybody who succeeded

    and if you have tried what was the experience like for you

    just to clarify I haven't got anything wrong with other people embracing this lifestyle I just think that some cases of my life will be better off without it

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    A lot of ABDL's go trough binge and purge cycles.

    Truth is, you can't change who you are and what you like.

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    I have tried giving up diapers for a while. I was in a relationship and I wasn't able to wear because I knew the guy I was with at the time wouldn't accept it. I successfully stayed away from diapers for about 3 years, but then it got to where diapers were on my mind all the time.

    I broke up with that guy and started wearing diapers again, but I started dating again and put diapers aside in favor of the relationship, but after about a year and a half, it was regularly thinking about diapers again.

    Thankfully, when I did share my diaper side with my fiancÚ, he was accepting and now I have the relationship and can wear diapers when I want to.

    I guess my overall point is, at least in my experience, you can give it up and live your life without diapers, but eventually diapers will start creeping back in and you'll want to start again. That's been my experience at least.
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    If you can give it up as if it required effort on your part to want it, by all means have at it. To the rest of us, the effort is in pointless resistance or productive self-acceptance. Once you find the right groove for accepting yourself, you can see what a better use of your energy it is.

    It's obvious our lives would be easier without it, but they'd be easier without any number of things. These bizarre wrinkles are what make us uniquely human and they can be so much fun. Find the good, particularly through contact with others, and I think this will start to make a lot more sense.

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    I tried, and it did not work.
    Just like I can not change my being Autistic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by caitianx View Post
    I tried, and it did not work.
    Just like I can not change my being Autistic.
    Aggreed, you are who you are, it just takes some some time to accept it.

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    thank you guys this has helped and you have given me a lot to think about

    just to clarify for those people who mentioned it for me it is not a fetish it's just a comfort

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    I have tried to give it up a few times going for months without wearing or thinking about it, but eventually something just triggers or clicks to start wearing again, whether it be stress or whatever it just brings a source of comfort. I have tried resisting it for a while, hence not being so active in the diaper community in an attempt not to be drawn too much into it, but I am finally beginning to realise and embrace my feelings for them. I only wear for comfort but I have realised it isn't doing any harm and there are plenty of people around who feel the same way so it isn't too weird.

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    There are just some things which are part of who we are. And whether or not these fit with our vision of ourselves, they remain part of us. We can, with great discipline, ignore these things, but at what cost. The great pearls of wisdom which are often cited in these situations are love yourself, learn to accept yourself, and discover how to balance your desires.

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