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Thread: lipsticks contain fish scales.

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    Default lipsticks contain fish scales.


    Though you like to know that Some lipsticks contain fish scales..

    Hee hee


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    Quote Originally Posted by FeekaDimension View Post
    Great, now all I can think of is this video.

    Hee hee.

    Thanks I enjoyed that.


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    Good thing I don't wear make up? Unless the scales belonged to the rainbow fish, at which point they must be beautiful!

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    Not only that, majority of it is made with Pig Fat.

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    Meh. Whale intestinal mucus used to be used in perfume. Leather used to be tanned using dog faeces. Soap used to be made of animal fat. Lots of disgusting things go into, or used to go into, common cosmetics.

    Besides, most of us here think nothing of sitting around in our own urine, and in some cases, our own faeces, so I suspect that our conception of "disgusting" is markedly different from the norm.

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