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    Anyone else ever have a Freudian slip regarding diapers or AB/DL related stuff? I was at work last Friday and telling coworkers about a 1920s style outfit that I put together for a party I was going to later on. I told them that my outfit was DAF and tried explaining that DAF was short for dapper as f*ck but what I ended up saying was that I was diapered as f*ck. I also happened to be wearing at the time and probably turned red. Luckily I have a new baby so I just laughed and explained that I've been changing a lot of diapers lately. Anybody else have a similar experience?

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    I don't recall ever having a slip like that. However, ever since I told my wife last October about my love for diapers and her subsequent resentment and disgust regarding them, I get a little nervous and flustered any time the word diaper is mentioned around us or if a diaper commercial comes on while we are watching tv. In my mind, I think, "I know she is thinking about me and my diapers right now."

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    I've Been afraid of having one before. I speak in public a lot - sometimes on TV - and so it's a nightmare situation to have something slip out without me realizing it.

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