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Thread: Drooling?

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    Default Drooling?

    Do any of you unintentionally drool? From time to time, I catch myself drooling unintentionally. Fortunately, this usually happens when I'm in private , but it does really play into my little side (You're not just dressed like a baby, but you're drooling like one.). I'm not sure if it's my Asperger's with its motor issues or just a quirk of mine.

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    I think I got a little too much humor out of reading this. Really its a little irritating when it happens to me. It normally happens when I have my paci in my mouth. Last night I started to and was just awake enough to fix it. On the other hand I absolutely hate waking up with a dry mouth. It was just last night that I was able to sleep all night with it in my mouth. I would move it around when ever the top of my mouth got dry. I guess thats what caused me to drool a little bit. I found a way to seal the outside air with a little saliva on the mouth guard.

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    Haha I'm constantly dribbling when I've got my paci in. Without thinking a big drool will just run down my chin, or worse drip strait into what ever I'm doing. I really should wear a bib more often

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    I drool when I have a pacifier in too. It used to be just when I was sleeping, and I'd wake up with it dried around my mouth, but lately it's been happening a bit when I'm still awake. Maybe it's this particular brand of pacifier.

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    I drool a little bit as an older adult with cerebral palsy.
    I can not help it.

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    Hi tobid03

    Yes I have started to dribble a bit. Really did not think about it to now.
    It more when I am sucking on my Pacifier lying on my tummy.

    This is yet another subtle change, that is happing.

    I Just usually wipe on tshert, or bedding. Then continue sucking and carry on with whatever it was that I was playing with.



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    I've started drooling at night, mostly when I don't sleep with a pacifier in. I love the feeling though, it definitely helps the little within me.

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    drooling is a regular occurance, especially with my paci.


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    I've always thought there's a psychological element linking my AB side to drooling. I almost always wake up having drooled on my pillow if I've got into bed with my Baby Stella doll or baby blankie, whereas I rarely do if I sleep without those things.

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