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Thread: Chocolate companies that use slave labor

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    Default Chocolate companies that use slave labor

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    Thought I should get this info out there...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sciencedude View Post

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    Thought I should get this info out there...
    Hmm, not really sure what I think about that. On one hand the companies themselves are not doing it, it just happens to be who they are buying from who are doing it. On the other hand, the company really shouldn't be buying their cocoa from people who use slavery. Then of course on the other other hand, how can one be sure they are buying from those who don't use slavery? A place could claim they don't use slaves, but that may not entirely be true. They may only be good while others are looking, and turn bad as soon as everyone is looking away.

    You may notice I am not specifically saying child slaves and the reason for that is because I believe all slavery is wrong, not just with children.

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    Pity for Poor Africans

    I own I am shock'd at the purchase of slaves,
    And fear those who buy them and sell them are knaves;
    What I hear of their hardships, their tortures, and groans
    Is almost enough to draw pity from stones.

    I pity them greatly, but I must be mum,
    For how could we do without sugar and rum?
    Especially sugar, so needful we see?
    What? give up our desserts, our coffee, and tea!

    Besides, if we do, the French, Dutch, and Danes,
    Will heartily thank us, no doubt, for our pains;
    If we do not buy the poor creatures, they will,
    And tortures and groans will be multiplied still.

    If foreigners likewise would give up the trade,
    Much more in behalf of your wish might be said;
    But while they get riches by purchasing blacks,
    Pray tell me why we may not also go snacks?

    Your scruples and arguments bring to my mind
    A story so pat, you may think it is coin'd,
    On purpose to answer you, out of my mint;
    But, I can assure you, I saw it in print.

    A youngster at school, more sedate than the rest,
    Had once his integrity put to the test;
    His comrades had plotted an orchard to rob,
    And ask'd him to go and assist in the job.

    He was. shock'd,sir, like you, and answer'd -- Oh,no
    What! rob our good neighbour! I pray you, don't go;
    Besides, the the man's poor, his orchard's his bread,
    Then think of his children, for they must be fed."

    "You speak very fine, and you look very grave,
    But apples we want, and apples we'll have;
    If you will go with us, you shall have a share,
    If not, you shall have neither apple nor pear."

    They spoke, and Tom ponder'd -- !I see they will go:
    Poor man! what a pity to injuro him so
    Poor man! I would save him his fruit if I could,
    But staying behind will do him no good.

    "If the matter depended alone upon me,
    His apples might hang till they dropt from the tree;
    But, since they will take them, I think I'll go too,
    He will lose none by me, though I get a few."

    His scruples thus silenc'd, Tom felt more at ease,
    And went with his comrades the apples to seize;
    He blam'd and protested, but join'd in the plan;
    He shar'd in the plunder, but pitied the man.

    - William Cowper

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    I didn't see anything in that article that proves any of the big companies buy from plantations using slave labor.

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    This happens with a number of products that come from Africa and some Asian companies as well. Many of us are also familiar with the blood diamonds from South Africa as well as the chromium mines. I'm not sure that the clothes we wear have good and healthy histories either. I wear New Balance shoes in part because they are made in the U. S.

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    Nearly all companies have bad baggage attached to them and do horrible terrible things. Yes, all the chocolate companies listed in that article use child slavery. If you're in doubt about that article, here's a couple more.

    You can boycott chocolate all you want. But if you buy anything from Kraft, Mars or Nestle, you're still giving money to companies that use child slavery (and with Nestle, you're also contributing to water being stolen from drought-ridden California and other places, as well as encouraging poor mothers from 3rd world countries to not breastfeed their babies and use their expensive formula, leaving the people in the area with many health problems), and considering that nearly the entire food industry is an oligarchy consisting of 10 mega-corporations that own brands you don't associate with Kraft, Mars, Nestle, etc. And even the ones that don't use child slavery still do other horrible practices that have called for boycotts. It's incredibly difficult to give it all up.

    And this is food. If you want to go anywhere, the fuel that powers you to travel (unless you want to only travel by bike) contribute to horrendous oil spills in the Gulf, greatly polluting the Ecuadorian Amazon through illegal oil production, more slave labor, murdering many in a group of people (The Ogoni) after they protested the fact that you destroyed their land with oil spills and polluting their water, and bribing politicians to allow them (as well as the food companies and just about everyone) to pollute as much as they want and delay action on climate change for as long as possible. If you do banking with any major bank, you're contributing to the banks that nearly crashed the global economy in 2008 and are likely to do it again in the future. And this isn't even getting into all the other companies. Nearly all food features animal cruelty (Yes, this includes your organic farmed food). Your smartphone, clothes (most likely) and electronics were made with sweatshop labor. And your cell phone/internet provider that you're using to read this is working to dismantle net neutrality.

    Yes, the child slavery used in chocolate is absolutely horrendous. People will freak out and swear off chocolate after reading an article like that, or they'll give up Chick Fil A after hearing about how they spend money to promote homophobia, pat themselves on the back, and forget about everything else. Honestly, at this point, it just feels pointless to just boycott a company, since I feel like no matter what, whatever I'm buying is probably immoral, made with sweatshop/slave labor, and contributing to pollution in some way. And that's not something people want to hear or think about. There's no way to win unless you want to give up EVERYTHING and live off the grid. I will not do that. If you want to stop eating chocolate because of the slavery, all right. But boycotting one branch of a mega-company probably won't do much sadly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire2box View Post
    I didn't see anything in that article that proves any of the big companies buy from plantations using slave labor.
    I suspect that's because information is being controlled right now by the courts. This is almost always done with large trials involving corporations or companies for many reasons. The facts are not going to come out to the general public until after the trial in that civil case is over most likely.

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