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Thread: Advice, Tips, or just ideas for starting a polyamorous family?

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    Default Advice, Tips, or just ideas for starting a polyamorous family?

    I know this isn't the typical kind of question that shows up here on Adisc, I'm curious to see what advice might show up. To make a long story short I've spent the past 4 years is college to obtain my Associates, and an Instrumentation degree. I've poured my heart, and soul into this school work to the point I feel I've neglected my social life in some regards. After this semester though I'll be done with all that, and I'll likely have a job lined up a month or two after graduation. This has had me thinking about what I want to do with my future now that I've laid the foundation for my career.

    About two years ago I discovered that I was polyamorous. For those who don't know what that is, it is the practice of having more than one loving, and romantic relationship between consenting partners. I've seen a few examples of such pairings online, and to be honest I've always felt I couldn't love just one person, and put them above others I had feelings for. I have a few friends that I think would be very interested in the concept, and with enough time, and effort I think we could all manage to be moved into a home for us all to share.

    I suppose what I'm asking really is does anyone have any advice, or ideas they could spare in regards to such a relationship? I know communication between everyone is vital to the relationship, but I'm curious to see if anyone might have more to offer? I've never lived with another person before, and I'm sure there are things I don't know that others might be able to point out to me. The whole idea for a polyamorous family is a project that is going to take me years to complete, but I cannot help, but to plan for it as it's really what I see making me happy in the long run. Some advice now could be really useful as I grind the gears in my head bit by bit as I try to get all the pieces in place.

    Thank you.

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    I know several polyamorous people, and yeah.. just communicate.

    Everyone has a different setting. Find out which works best for you.
    I know a couple who are married, and they both have 2-3 secondary partners on "the side" (they have been together for like 10 years??? they're around 30 years old) and then one couple who are not married but have been together for 5+ years and the other one has one-night stands and other not-so-serious relationships going.

    The ones who are married have "shared" partners, too but I don't know of anyone else who would have that kinda setting.

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