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Thread: Diapered Airplane Travel

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    Question Diapered Airplane Travel

    I know this thread has been done before, but it is closed and almost a year old.

    I am flying on a short trip in March and I wanted to know if anybody had any up to date experiences with security or even what it was like and if it is worth doing.

    Also, has anybody really changed in the bathrooms on the plane? If so, please give some tips and warnings.

    Oh yeah, what does a diaper look like on the x-ray machine?

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    Go ahead and wear a thick diaper... and bring a few changes along, especially if it is going to be a long flight. You have to realise that by now the security screeners have seen everything and a person coming through wearing diapers isn't going to raise any eyebrows. An x-ray machine will see right through your diaper... and there's no metal in a disposable... so no problems there.

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    I wore a cloth with snaps.... I was so worried about going thru the detectors.....

    They didn't stop me..... the best thing to do is not worry about it.

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    I have worn on an aircraft many of time, granted mainly when I'm captain - But heh I still have to pass through security.

    Ok, the security I pass through might not be as strict as it is for passengers, but never the less security is still security and searches do happen. I can tell you, based on experience and speaking with the security guys that they really do not care what you are wearing or what you have packed in your hand luggage. They are there to protect and are looking items which are not permitted on board an aircraft, not a bag of diapers!

    If you are searched, they will not say a word about your diaper.

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    Wearing on the plane is fine, and fun...that way you can get a window seat and never have to worry about getting up!

    Don't plan to change on the plane though, because most plane's don't have a garbage that will take an adult-sized diaper. So, the key is to have a really good diaper on (and maybe even plastic pants to prevent leaks).

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    My next challenge is to change at 5000ft and fly at the same time, now this could be fun

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    I wear when I'm going to be on a flight for 4+ hours, because I like the window seat and I hate squeezing by people. I just change at the airport when i land. Security doesn't give a damn as long as you aren't putting a gun or a knife or a bomb in your diaper.

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    I've worn on planes many times. I have never once been searched in security, though my parents did once have their suitcase searched. When they got to the diapers, the TSA person said "do you have family with little kids?" I laughed a bit, as it was not only a completely irrelevant question, but she had no idea that the diapers were actually mine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedApple View Post
    My next challenge is to change at 5000ft and fly at the same time, now this could be fun
    Let me know what flight that is, because I don't want to be on one where you are trying to fly and change your diaper at the same time. That doesn't sound very safe.

    I have a cousin that is a pilot, she is also a bit short. We joked about getting her a baby seat from the airlines catalog to use in the cockpit.

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    i was watching 60 minutes a long time ago and i heard that the FBI captured a terrorist, sedated him, and diapered him. they then continued to stick him on a plane and fly him back to america for "questioning". other than that story, i havent worn a diaper on a plane, but then again, i dont fly much.

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