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Thread: Why do people like GoodNites so much?

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    Default Why do people like GoodNites so much?

    They don't sound that great, but they're popular around here. Why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinda View Post
    They don't sound that great, but they're popular around here. Why?
    They're cheap, and easy to come by. And have cute prints on them.

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    For most they are the only kind of "real kid diaper" they can fit into! And that is kinda cool if you thrive for an authentic baby/toddler experience :O

    They are not very good though, yeah. They perform poorly on adults.

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    Nostalgia. For a lot of us they were the first thing we tried as teenagers.

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    For me it's an excellent choice because I can wear them comfortably and they aren't that bad, the availability and price has made them popular among abdls I think

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    availability, design and style and they feel the best wet to me personally. allot people can fit into them and not everyone floods when they go.

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    I like goodnotes so much because they are a real baby/youth diaper, they swell up nicely, the designs are nice, They generally hold a decent amount ( 1 to 2 floods depending an the specific goodnite and how big the flood is) ,and they are comfterble
    I just don't like the variability... some have enough sap to hold 2 huge floods, while others Leake after only a moderate wetting.

    One thing that has really helped is making sure that the leak gourds are standing and fully extended. I always pull them up and out some because they tend to be partiallynbonded to the fabric

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    I personally do not like them and not once have I ever had what I would consider a good experience with them.

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    I have been curious about them, but the prints are something that really drags down the appeal. They could be convenient for quick experiences.

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    First diaper I wore when I knew I liked diapers, and had to wear them for bedwetting up until 3rd grade. Nostalgia, and my bladder is kinda small so they perform pretty well for me, especially days when I drink a lot of coffee

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