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    does anybody know if this will be ok in a washing machine and a dryer ?

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    Send a message to the seller!

    Ps. I'd so want the duckie footies they sell but they are only in size extra large :'''(( the skull and crossbones ones, too.. and the third best is only in small!! Why so bad sizing ehhhnnnn

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    I have two of the sleepers from that supplier and they have both been machine washed several times and are still in good condition. (washed on a cool 30 cycle)

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    My one is made from stretch terry and is fine for both. I'd say that for the polar fleece though, a cool wash and the fastest spin you can...that will almost dry it. If you have to put in a tumble dry, use the coolest setting.

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    I'll probably have to do machine wash 40 and then dry out on a radiator
    as I don't live by myself and will probably have to be quite discreet

    hopefully they should be ok

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    Mine has been washed lots and it is still ok.

    Hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sisi View Post

    Mine has been washed lots and it is still ok.

    Hope this helps.
    I'm more worried about shrinking because it'll be too hot
    what temperature do you wash yours

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    I turn mine inside out and wash in either cold or hot water. I then just hang to dry. After drying turn it back to right side out, and it's ready to wear.

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