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    I was at a party and didn't see this, but apparently the overall theme of this year's Super Bowl, especially the half time show, was LGBT pride: Half Time. Also, Lady Ga Ga sang the National Anthem, so...What do you think?

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    There's a theme to the Super Bowl? Ohh the halftime show. I guess I can see that. I know some people are also talking about there were themes of Black Lives matter, Black panthers, and some other stuff that I can't currently remember. To be honest, I didn't even watch the half-time show. I watched the game and the commercials tho.

    I also get a good chuckle each year out of the people that aren't fans of the Super Bowl, and post nice Owl pictures. (Superb Owl)

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    Yeah I'm trying to see what was so offensive about the half time show with the Black Lives Matter and the mayor of NY saying cops lives are in danger now because of Beyonce?

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    I didn't watch it, so I can't comment. I've only seen a few pictures of their outfits they wore. (nothing like the left and right shark costumes from last year).

    I don't really plan on watching it either tho. But I'm guessing some radio host / tv host / radio station / tv station is making it a bigger news story that it really is. Seems to happen a lot now a days. Sad yet true.

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    I saw the half time show and enjoyed it. Beyonce and her dancers were wearing black, and the dancers formed an X. I'm not sure if that had anything to do with Malcolm X or not, I just enjoyed the show. I thought Bruno Mars and his dancers were awesome as well. Coldplay did their thing, so three races were represented. I'm not sure that's a Black Lives Matter theme or not. They simply had better representation than this year's Oscars, at least that's what some comedians and talking heads were saying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    Yeah I'm trying to see what was so offensive about the half time show with the Black Lives Matter and the mayor of NY saying cops lives are in danger now because of Beyonce?
    Turned it off before halftime because Channel 2 (CBS Chicago affiliate) forgot to turn up the transmitter power, so my reception was awful. Watching clips on the news later, it was, as expected, scantily clad black people prancing around in some sort of tribal dance. I'd have turned it off or gone for a beer even if reception were good.

    Celebrating black panthers seemed over the top.... as it would have been to dredge up the Yippies, SDS or any other radical 60's group of bombthrowers. But hey, its black history month, and the NFL is mostly black, so that's apparently the best that politically correct white guilt at the network could come up with.

    I didn't notice any kind of LGBT theme, but as I said, I didn't watch most of it.

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