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    Hi just wondering as keep reading disposable diapers fit more snug the Pull ups is this the case as currently wearing Molicare mobile underwear with tena fix stretch pants to hold them in place?

    If so I will be looking for something as discrete as what I am currently wearing with Velcro "tapes" so I can still use the toilet when needed as I will have to undo the tape as I have to sit to pee due to stream pressure issues if that makes sense.

    As I live in Australia I will be ordering from either or

    And noticed "all in one/brief/diapers are a lot cheaper then pull ups(one reason of thinking to change) unsure why.

    I suffer from OAB/Urgency/unpredictable bladder so medical need and need something discrete and snug.

    Also any recommendations on what to wear while working out at the gym?

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    Yes a closet of AIO will probably be better protection but it requires a serious investment in time and labor providing the washing and drying of products,also the rate that they will provide them matters ( insufficient quantity or quality means a quicker wash cycle which is more wear and tear on you and the AIO, with AIO the plastic will wear out much quicker than the fabric thus leaving you a cloth diaper that will need Plastic pants over them to get the same protection, AOL use also requires the use of a non petroleum soap for washing and a non petroleum rash cream if used ( something like Burts bees or Medline remedy products)

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    Will be going disposables due to having to share clothes line due to living in a block of units

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    My favourite diaoer is the "all-in-one" pullup cloth diaper made by Babykins in British Columbia. They are a thick cloth diapers that look like a thick pair of jockey shorts with a water-resistant outer layer. They are warm and comfortable to wear, and if you want to wet them, they hold a LOT! They are also a lot more cost efficient than paper as you can use them over and over many times (they also feel a lot nicer).

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    Not sure if they have them but the Tena Maxi Slips are the best all in one in Australia and New Zealand, tapes are great so if you take it off to poop and chuck it straight back on again. Absorbent, durable, comfortable, refasten-able and affordable. If your going disposable, especially on this side of the planet, it is the way to go.

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    I'd recommend the Tena Flex. It has good absorbency and it's very easy to use the toilet with them because you can open them from the front without having to taking the whole diaper off. Then you can just pull the diaper back up. I really the belt design of the Flex, It's so easy to put on and use the toilet if you have to. Also they are quite comfortable and discreet enough (at least for me)

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