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Thread: Is this healthy?

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    Default Is this healthy?

    Is this healthy mental wise? There is this girl in my class and we have been friends for a while, but we never hang out together and she is always "Busy" when I ask her if she wants to do something with me. Almost everyday I fantacise about here, nothing sexual or anything, just simple stuff. Such as imagining hanging out wit her, like thinking what it would like to go to the movies with her and stuff like that.

    I have also, a few months ago made up an imaginary girlfriend. Needless to say i kept it up for like a month, but there something wrong with me or doing that?

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    Not really, I used to do it... *blush*

    It just means you have an imagination! ^^

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    (Joking... no, it's not bad. It's different. The problem is, people usually have a problem with that.)

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    What do you mean by imaginary girlfriend? Do you mean like, you have halucinations and delusions about a person that doesn't exist? Or do you mean you're telling your friends and family that you have a girlfriend, when you really don't?

    Either way, could mean you're lonely. Get out there an meet people!

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    I mean imagining that there is a person(female) there next to me. This isn't schizophrenia, because I KNOW she isn't real, but I like to ppretend she is/was. It is, i think becuase I am very lonely. I made her up, to pretend that a girl was there to hug me and talk to me. I did, talk out loud to thin air and hug myself and what not, but only when I was alone.

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    I used to do that with Pokemon, believe it or not. With my step brother. We had our "pokemon" out and would pretend they were doing stuff with us. It was tons of fun.

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    There's nothing unusual about fantasizing sexual situations and partners. It's not good to be lonely, however. You might want to go a little more pro active and ask a real girl out. It's not a bad idea to have a few guy friends to play a pick up game of basketball, or what ever is fun. Loneliness can cause extreme depression and create serious problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Latias714 View Post
    I used to do that with Pokemon, believe it or not. With my step brother. We had our "pokemon" out and would pretend they were doing stuff with us. It was tons of fun.
    Used to do that with my sister.


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    I think the main reason I don't ask a real one out is that i am terrified of rejection. It could just be a simple "no thanks" in the social world, this terrifies me. In the business world is entirely different. I am also afraid of girls.

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