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Thread: A diaper saved my butt today.

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    Default A diaper saved my butt today.

    I wear for recreation mainly. Today I had a flight and decided to wear. I wore a Bambino Bellissimo (no problems wearing through security, went through dry and had a few spares in my backpack). Fast forward to the flight, about mid way through I felt my stomach rumble and I tried to stop it but a little came out. Once we landed I got up walk to the terminal to go to the restroom and on the jet way I couldn't hold it any longer and it all came out. (Sorry if it's TMI) Luckily I got to my hotel quickly and was able to change/shower.

    All in all, I learned a lesson today, never fly/travel without a diaper on. I'm so glad that I decided to wear today, even though I am usually continent.

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    So we're talking about a giant number two here?

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    Good thing you were padded!

    Gosh, I hope the next time that happens to me I'm padded. It hasn't happened in years but there's very rare times that when ya gotta go, ya gotta go. (Usually when I'm sick)

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    I had an incident once while wearing for pleasure. I had woken up, had the house to myself, so I held my morning pee in even though I was really desperate, and decided it was the ideal time to try for a genuine accident.

    I put a diaper on, and went to make a cup of coffee, planning on drinking that while holding my full morning bladder and seeing if I would end up having a genuine loss of control.

    As I waited for the kettle to boil, I felt the rumbling of a classic morning fart building up. Now if you've ever had a gassy stomach combined with an ultra full bladder, then you'll know it's hard to release the gas and not release pee at the same time. I didn't want to leak at all, but wanted to see if by holding on for a while, I would really lose control completely. It got a bit painful, so I stood there in the kitchen and pulled my nappy up tight, and tightly clamped a hand on myself through the diaper for added insurance, then spread my legs a bit and bent over, giving a bit of a push to pass the gas out.

    It turns out I had a bit of an upset stomach. I honestly had no idea that I needed to mess, as it just felt like a regulation fart brewing. But as soon as I pushed, I had my real accident, just not the type I was expecting and hoping for.

    Similar thing happened once in jeans as well while using the toilet. I came home absolutely bursting for a pee, but the family where home so I couldn't just use my pants for fun, and I quickly ran to the toilet. I stood there and unzipped, and proceeded to pee like a racehorse. The relief was amazing, but suddenly about halfway through my bowels loosened and I messed in my pants a bit.

    That too was completely unexpected.

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    And what of the smell and the others around you? I would love to think I could crap my diaper whenever I was in distress, and I don't mean incontinent either. I would be horrified even though I would love my diaper to save my ass.

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    About a month ago I had suited up in a Bellisimo for the night. I went to fart, and it was more than a fart. Definitely not what I was expecting, with no indication it was anything other than typical gas.

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    Sounds like it was a very good thing you had put that diaper on ahead of time! What a mess that would have been otherwise!

    I can't say I've had any similar experiences, mostly because I am still new to wearing adult diapers, but I imagine there must be a great feeling of relief to have something along those lines happen while you're securely padded up. Even for someone who doesn't care for messing diapers (like myself) just having that fallback for the rare occurrence of an accident like that is never a bad thing!

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    When ya gotta go, a baby's gotta go

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    Quote Originally Posted by NovaDL View Post
    About a month ago I had suited up in a Bellisimo for the night. I went to fart, and it was more than a fart. Definitely not what I was expecting, with no indication it was anything other than typical gas.
    These are my favourite situations. I do poop myself on purpose sometimes, but as I've said, I love the feeling but not so much the cleanup.

    I love being little, although my little is a bit older than most, around 9-12. When I'm being little, I often (always) wet myself. Now to do it properly, and have a REAL accident takes time. I've got a strong bladder, so it takes an uncomfortably long time to hold on for so I can have the experience of a genuine loss of control. I often just wet on purpose and pretend it's an accident. Also, my 9-12 year old self just wouldn't deliberately push a number 2 into his pants on purpose.

    But that wet or heavy fart experience is great. I will gamble on my farts when I'm in little mode. If I'm regressing, it means I'm alone and have time for the clean up. So if little me gets gassy, I'll push it out, or perhaps bend over as I release it. If it should be more than a fart, and bring a hitchhiker along for the ride, it's like BANG! Instant little feelings of having a real accident. That sudden "Oh No!" Experience. It really instantly regresses me.

    I think that among the general community, that there's only a few people (discounting those with medical reasons or those of us who like it) who've actually genuinely wet their pants, but virtually everyone has had at least one messy accident at some stage, even its its just a bit of follow through and not a full on loss of control. So most people would understand that feeling of horror that accompanies a soggy fart.

    It's just for me it makes me feel little.

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