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Thread: How long does it take to change your (wet only) diaper, start to finish?

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    Default How long does it take to change your (wet only) diaper, start to finish?

    How long does it take to change your (wet only) diaper, start to finish?

    Specifically, from the time you start fully clothed, including shoes, with a (wet only) diaper on until you are again fully clothed with a fresh dry diaper on underneath. It takes me 5 minutes, and sometimes a bit more to drop my pants, remove the wet diaper, use a wipe or two to clean up, unfold and tape on a new diaper, pull my pants back up, and finally bag and trash the wet diaper. I'm probably a bit picky about getting the fresh diaper taped on just right but I don't think I've ever gone through the complete changing routine in much less than 5 minutes.

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    I'd say around 4 minutes. Being both jumpy and constantly on the effects of caffeine certainly can speed things up. One thing is for sure though, I need to get some better diapers. I've been using certainty diapers from walgreens. I would try ordering some online and having them delivered to my college (the mailroom workers luckily aren't nosy), but my parents kind of took my debit card. What can I say, pizza and gaming are addicting.

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    It takes me tops 5 minutes from start to finish up changing my wet diaper.

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    It takes me a bit longer but I clean up a bit after changing out of a wet diaper, to kep my skin happy. Maybe 8 minutes.

    OTOH, work mornings I usually change from my wet nighttime diaper into a very short-term diaper for that hour or so before I leave for work, and changing out of THAT (dry) into a "work diaper" can be very quick.

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    I really need to speed up my process. In public I might take even 10 minutes when I disinfect all surfaces I need, try to be discreet while wrapping the diaper, put it in a separate plastic bag so it doesn't stink up the bathroom in case it won't be cleaned that day, then wipe off any residue of baby powder there might've been and button up my onesie again.

    I change in public in such places that I know no one will need in like 30 mins (a place with several stalls, toilet in school in an area no students are in at the moment etc..) so it has not been a problem so far but... I need to become faster +_+

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    We recently relocated to a different building, and it's an older one which means it has old bathrooms in weird places, as well as new renovated areas with larger, more modern bathrooms. My area is right outside one set of older ones at one end of the building, so it's interesting to see people walk from their office clear on the other end of the building to come use those restrooms, because they're so low traffic by comparison. Knowing where the old bathrooms are at can be a huge boost to privacy. There are even a few single-occupant bathrooms around if you look really hard. (some very new, some very old, one new one is almost the size of my bedroom!)

    I find there are certain times during the day that they get zero use, and that's when I prefer to be there. Most rooms have those automatic lights, including the bathrooms, and you know you've found a good time when you can walk in and the lights are out until you step inside. (hasn't been anyone there for at least 15 minutes)

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    As I don't get to wear my Nappies often, when I do I soak my Nappy and don't get chance to enjoy it, so off my Nappy comes and it is put straight into the rubbish bin (whilst I am shaking and very nervous of being caught) I just really wish I had some privacy to enjoy my Nappy as much as I want to

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    I take awhile first I break my pants open by grabbing the center of the crotch and pulling this opens them down to my knees,with my onesie exposed I unwrap it,then unwrap my Plastic pants,this exposes my diaper,once at the diaper I slide a new one under me thru my legs,undo the old one and slide it out,now I clean myself with a non petroleum cleanser barrier cream in one product and rub that in and let dry,then I insert a 16 FR coude tipped catheter and massage my Bladder to make sure I get as much out as possable draining into a one way valve collection bsg, at this point I Police my area get the garbage wrapped and ready giving my diaper area more air and time to dry, next I pull up my diaper adjust and secure and then redo my Plastic pants my onesie then my outer pants and am then ready to dispose of the catheter the collection bag my gloves and wipes into the bag which is then secured and is dumped in the trash and I am ready to roll, so maybe forty forty five minutes start to finish.

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    About 5 minutes when I am in a hurry, 10 when I take my time to get a really snug fit. (more important at night)

    It really just takes practice and motivation.

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