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    Hi all,

    Just wanted to share an anime I stumbled across which had some unexpected age regression in it. Not that the show itself is really relevant to AB/DL or anything like that and it was only for a few episodes but it was kinda fun to watch nonetheless.

    The anime is called Kokoro Connect and it's a romance drama series about a group of high school friends in a club who start experience various phenomena. At first the phenomena is switching bodies with one another which as you could expect would be kind of interesting, but it's the third phenomena that I want to highlight (between episode 11 and 13) where the group of friends start to randomly regressing to various points in their life in which they take their past self's form. The regression is temporary and they revert back after a certain amount of time but they all experience being various ages from adolescent to toddler and infant as well as pre-teen, etc.

    It was a great show if you're into romance drama anime series like me but this story arc in particular made it quite special to me. I would definitely recommend the show to anyone into that genre. It's available both subbed and dubbed and the dub actually has a very decent cast.

    In any case I just wanted to share this gem with you all for anyone who hadn't seen it. :3

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    Thank you, gets an 8 BTW on myanimelist so gonna put this on my watch list but might take me sometime to get to it.

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