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    Most the existing threads regarding adult onesies are closed so I thought I'd make a new one! Anyone have suggestions on where to buy a good adult onesie? I have found a few etsy shops and I was previously suggested to use! What is everyone's experience with adult onesies? My desire for one is that I could wear a diaper to work without worry that my shirt will creep up and show my diaper! Thanks

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    One etsy page I found branches from a website

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    I think there was a thread in the diaper talk or was it the AB/littles forum listing a few spots from Esty.

    If work hadn't jerked me around with my pay the last couple of weeks I'd be able to tell you how good they are, one of them "Noramademe" Seems pretty good, Nora has been extremely helpful so far, the fabric choices tend to be more neutral than baby so they would be a better fit for wearing out, than the babypants ones.

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    I bought a few from baby-pants. You can buy them directly from the site or I think you can still get them on Amazon.

    I haven't bought from any of the etsy shops, but I know about 3 different makers on there now. I've gotten to know them over the past couple of years from other websites. I've even had the opportunity to meet a couple of them in person. I can share the websites (that I can remember) if you're interested.

    The baby pants ones are made of really good / thick material. I really like mine. You can get several different colors and prints, with or without the snaps on the collar. If you're wanting a shirt that you can wear out, I would recommend not getting the collar snaps.

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    Just don't get one from ASC. The material is good but the snaps are laughable.

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