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Thread: Question more for the ABDLs

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    Default Question more for the ABDLs

    Where is the funniest/weirdest place you have wet or used a diaper?
    I keep thinking back to a time that I went out shopping and was in a pull up. I had a "accident" in it while "trying" to make it to the mall potty. It has got me thinking about other ABDLs and where they have done stuff in their diapers. I know the IC group does it anywhere because they have to.

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    The only place I've wet a diaper in public so far has been a movie theater...

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    I guess at an air port and on a plane.

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    Usually anyplace I am, I just like to wet. I've done it at the library, store, movie theater Costco. I even pooped at Costco but that was an accident and happened in the parking lot.

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    Hmm. Nothing especially funny or weird to share, I'm afraid. I haven't worn in public very often, and have wet in public even less often. When in college, nearly 20 years ago, I several times tucked Pampers into my underwear before heading to class. These, I was always quite certain, would leak if I simply cut loose with a full bladder, so I never did that. There were one or two occasions, however, when I put a little bit into my diaper before finishing in the toilet. The wet Pampers scent was very obvious once I'd done this, and made me feel like I needed to sit away from other students.

    My wearing to school didn't become a habit, in large part because I found it very distracting.

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    In church, during a "revival". I was standing in front of the entire congregation along with several other who had just "re-dedicated" our lives. It was at the end of the service, and my bladder was red-lined as it was. After the service the congregation came up to offer congratulations and support, when what I needed was a bathroom. I lasted about five minutes before my bladder started letting go. Fortunately, I was wearing dark slacks but by the time I excused myself and got to the bathroom, it was pretty much all over. My pants, socks and shoes were soaked.
    Either no one noticed, or they were too polite to mention it, but it's seared into my memory

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    wore dry diaper through airport security and then wetting it during the walk, boarding, flying, and disembarking.

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    Kind of hard to think of one particular time...but I'd say either when I was on the firing range of a large US Army base used by tanks/other armor.

    Although the most nerve wracking (though perhaps not the weirdest?) was probably wearing diapers around a Ryokan/onsen hotel while on a trip to Japan as a teenager.

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    I mentioned this in another thread, but I always wear when I ski because sometimes I'm not able to make it to the restroom in time. It's fun skiing padded, but it's also good to know I won't get everything wet when I shouldn't. I also wear when traveling (car, plane, train) for the same reason.

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    I like wearing diapers when I go biking on the bike trail and wetting my diaper at a half way point where I cross on a causeway under a bridge.

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