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Thread: does anyone read blogs.

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    Default does anyone read blogs.

    Hi everyone.

    Sisi hear.

    Does anybody read the blogs.

    To day I have been tidying up my bedroom. As i have got lot of cloves that I don't where. So off to the charity shop they must go.

    And now I have a tidy and clean room. Becouse I am a good boy.

    Hee hee.


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    No - too many other things for me to do (both here and IRL).

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    I tend to, they are often quite interesting.

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    Sometimes, but not as regularly as I read the forum threads. If it's an entry from someone I chat to a lot on ADISC or if I see a blog title which piques my interest then I'll probably have a look.

    If I write a blog post here then it's usually either to vent or to update anyone who happened to be interested in how I'm doing. I suspect only a handful of people will read those, but I'm fine with that - I think the blogs serve a different purpose to discussions on the boards.

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    Before ADIC was redesigned a few months ago, you could see when new blogs were posted (10) and everything was right there on the forum page. I would read them all the time. Now you have to look for them and only one title at a time is shown. If I'm bored or a title looks interesting, I will read the blog.

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