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Thread: Rainfurrest 2016 Canceled

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    Default Rainfurrest 2016 Canceled

    For those that haven't heard the news, Rainfurrest has been canceled. Just a reminder to be on your best behavior at conventions.

    I'll be including the link for my source. You can also read this on the official Rainfurrest website.

    Washington state furry convention RainFurrest 2016 has been cancelled, after failing to find a suitable venue for this year's event.

    Historically based in Seattle, RainFurrest's former chair posted a strong warning last October that the acts of some of the 2704 attendees had jeopardized the convention's relationship with the Hilton airport hotel, resulting in uncertainty about future events.

    Convention staff had previously posted apologizing for not giving more feedback, discussing rumors about a move to Spokane, and noting the board's decision to discuss contracts there. Last month saw posts about travel, hotels and recreation, and, on January 30, the opening of registration and the announcement that RainFurrest's parent organization was now a 501(c)(3) non-profit. All these posts have now been removed from the convention's website.

    As many of you know, RainFurrest has been in search of a new venue since October of last year. We have discussed and explored facilities in many wonderful areas, finding options with a number of excellent venues in Greater Seattle and western Washington state. Our hard-working hotel team has fought for every possible option that would suit what our fans want out of RainFurrest. Tonight, the last of those options has closed to us.

    It is our sombre duty to inform you that our efforts to locate a viable convention and hotel space for 2016 have not been successful. We do not feel any additional options will present themselves in time to successfully plan and hold the event. As a result, the Rainfurrest Anthropomorphics Internationalís Board of Directors has voted to not host Rainfurrest in 2016.

    We appreciate your support through a very challenging transition, and we extend a sincere thanks to everyone, especially our staff, who devoted their time, effort, and thoughts to us. We will continue to work on future locations and dates and we will return when we know the situation is right for our fans.

    We will be issuing further details regarding refunds and other remaining issues in the near future. Please wait for more details before contacting us about this. If you have any questions or comments about the decision, please email [email protected] or ask on their new twitter feed, @RAInAnthro.

    Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to seeing you all in the near future!


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    They may have to move date and to camp ground.
    + 18 rule to have event.

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    That might work. Not sure. Might be gone like Oklacon. Oklacon was the largest outdoor furry con. It was really close to where I live. I never got the chance to go. They had to close this past year. The State park they had it in, wouldn't allow them back...a couple of drunks the year before ruined things for everyone...they switched to a different park...word followed about the incident...they were turned away at the new park before the con happened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by foxkits View Post
    They may have to move date and to camp ground.
    + 18 rule to have event.
    An outdoor venue at any time of year isn't a good idea in the Seattle area. Our weather is simply too unreliable and rain and fursuits are no fun.

    I expect it or something new will be back next year. The timeframes are just too tight to schedule an event of that size in a new spot.

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    Hopefully they will do something next year. But yeah, I forgot about Seattle's weather for an outdoor event.

    I was always told that Rainfurrest had the biggest ab / DL / cub / diaperfur population, & that TFF had the second. I was always hoping to visit Rainfurrest & see.

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    I wonder if another venue could be found in Tacoma or even Puyallup?

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    They're a large and well-established con. Not hosting it for a single year is not going to spell the death of them, not like it would for a fledgling, new con with low attendance.

    Part of the issue with finding a new venue was reputation, yes, but it was also a lack of time due to that reputation. They've just given themselves an extra year to let tempers settle and transgressions be forgotten, so I suspect we'll see RF back in full force in 2017.

    Hopefully with better-behaved con attendees.

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    As they say on the internets "This is why we can't have nice things"

    I hope the people who messed up feel ashamed! I have friends who host BIG conventions in my home country, and it's no easy task! And then some yahoos ruin it for everyone..!

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    Cons need to bring the ban hammer down on this shit. Here is a list of DO NOTS and this is your only warning, if you are stupid enough to go out in just a diaper...WHAM BAM BANNED! overdone bondage gear BAN! No more of this, it is a family friendly con.

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