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    I'm 24yrs old, pre-med.

    I've been attracted to diapers all my life. I believe my infatuation with diapers stems from the fear of getting punished for wetting the bed. My mother forced me out of diapers at 1.5 yrs of age.

    I've never really shared my fetish with anyone, but my GF.

    Aside from pullups, the only diapers I love are Goodnites.

    I love motorcycles, cars, wrenching on cars and motorcycles.

    Talk to me about anything.

    Ask away too!

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    Pre-med?! Wow smarty pants! What will be your focus if you don't mind me asking? I'm going to be studying health care administration so maybe we'll cross paths one day haha

    I only ever bought depends when I finally decided I needed to buy some from the store haha before that I snuck diapers and pull-ups out of visiting cousins bags (one of my cousins was a bed wetter until like age 12). But then I got too old for those to fit and didn't wear for a LOOOONG time.

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    Goodnites are the best overall.

    I personally am a recreational DL. I am not incontinent, so I'm not concerned about absorbency. I wear every night. Being a 90''s kid I tend to focus on cuteness/prints. Sometimes I even indulge in girls Goodnites.

    The only wish I have is for Goodnites to be a little bigger. I'm on the overweight (not obese, there is a difference) side. So I'm focusing on loosing weight. I should be able to loose 4 inches at the very least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CYBERWOLF View Post
    Goodnites are the best overall.
    Agreed. I've always enjoyed Goodnites as well. They're just a good pull-up. Not the best absorbency, but they are easy to get and buy, and have some really cool prints.

    You might enjoy a thread that we have going right now. It's documenting the changes in Goodnites over the years.

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    The Abu space diaper seems like it would be a good fit for you as well

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