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Thread: Best ways to get diaper tapes to stick.

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    Default Best ways to get diaper tapes to stick.

    So I don't get to order diapers as much as I would like to so I try to make my diapers last as long as possible. After putting on and taking off diapers a few times the tapes don't stick anymore. Does anyone have any advice on how to get my diapers to last longer when the tapes don't want to stick?

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    Overtaping with sellotape or packing tape is the usual approach. Peeling it off again without damaging the nappy can be tricky, but realistically, there's only so many times you can take off and put on a taped nappy - they aren't designed for repeated use.

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    Clear packing tape is somewhat effective, but it seems to want to snag and start to peel up and peel right off overnight. I've had more problems with that stuff coming off than failing to stick.

    OTOH, packing tape is pretty popular as a tape reinforcement. Tape quality varies quite a bit though, so you may have to try the grey tape from a few different local sources to get something that works well. Is sticky, is strong, tears evenly, is heavy/thick, favorable texture.

    If you like the texture and performance of duct tape over packing tape, but don't like the "grey tape look" on your diapers, I'd suggest getting some white packing tape. It comes in all sorts of colors and even patterns nowadays, usually available at any big box general or hardware store.

    Also on the line of being able to untape and retape often for potty use etc, I'd really suggest just perfecting the "diaper shimmy" to slip out of and back into your diapers. That's what I do, the only time I lift a tape is to snug a cloth-sided tena slip after a bit of wear.

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    also while you're at it, avoid getting powder or especially lotion on the front where the tapes go. If you have lotion on your hands, wash with water and get it all off and dry before handing the front of your diaper. Try to avoid the tapes getting stuck on your fingers (skin oil) And many will recommend rubbing the tapes after sticking them down, to make sure the adhesive is set, and to warm them up a little to help more with the adhesion.

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    I use Duct tape. It's available in lots of cute patterns and colours, doesn't shred the diaper like packing tape and sticks to anything. I've had a few cute prints but mostly I just use gray or red. I tape my legs (as low as possible on the diaper) because my favorite diaper has the tapes to high to make a great leg seal.

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    Try lacing them with " elastic. Put four holes in each wing and lace them up as you would a shoe. I lace the rear wings as well. With the latter, you can either prelace and step in or lace from the font and spin the nappy around. If you lace the rear wings and want to use the toilet, unlace the front and flip the nappy up between your legs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenn View Post
    Try lacing them with " elastic.
    That's a great idea! Noted, will have to try that sometime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambinod View Post
    That's a great idea! Noted, will have to try that sometime.

    I like my nappies tight. To make them so, I do the following:

    1. Poke four holes in each of the two rear wings.
    2. Lace the holes up (as you would a shoe) with " elastic.
    3. You can either prelace and step in, or lace up the front and rotate the nappy to the rear.
    4. Wrap the nappy through your legs and lie down on your back. My waist is 3" less lying down than when standing.
    5. Bring your knees to your chest, grab the back of the nappy and pull while lowing your feet back to the floor.
    6. Repeat until the leg gatherings are fully stretched.
    7. Pull up on the lower tabs and attach.
    8. Pull down on the upper tabs and attach.

    I wear large Bellissimos even though I am sized for a medium for the extra capacity and since my waist is smaller than my hips, pulling down on the upper tabs locks the nappy over my hip bones, preventing the nappy from sagging. I believe that the stretched leg gatherings prevents potential leaks. When I wore Dry 24/7 I laced the front as well, since their tabs were weak, but the Bellissimos' strong tabs have not been a problem.
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