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Thread: After about 20 years, I think im done. Thanks everyone.

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    Default After about 20 years, I think im done. Thanks everyone.

    After being in this lifestyle in multiple roles for 20 years, I think im finally ready to move on from internet life. So many people out there are now carrying on the work like Moo that there is no need for me anymore outside of my local community and really hasnt been for years. When I started this lifestyle openly in the 90s it was a very different hidden place. Everyone was petrified that someone else might find out, even the bdsm community was negative towards the open diaper community.

    So much to say and I dont feel like saying it so simply ... thanks Moo. I hope you keep the community positive as that is the one place I feel the community really needs help and that was never my place. My place was the boot ready to fly in person to allow this community to be open. To the many who know me in person and call me for support ill always be there in that role but quite simply I dont want to be online that often anymore.

    To the one little who gave me the smile I needed telling me that its ok for daddy to walk away from the community an "old g". Hah! Thanks kiddo. Ive still got diapers to change, but now I dont have to fight for a community to be allowed to be itself anymore. Step 2 is the next generations problem.

    Crinkle on
    -Daddy Hatiwolf-

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    Well, I didn't get to know you, but best of luck and thanks for your efforts with the community. I totally understand moving away from spending so much time on the internet forums.

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    I talked about it with my crinklebutt and she will be going on forums a bit, but I wont be spending the time online I used to. Her roles have drastically changed.

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    Real life endeavors are far more interesting than the internet kind~ Go out and have a ton of fun~! Get into all kinds of powdery goofiness~ <^.^7

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    It sounds like you had much more to say but didn't bother. You have been a member on this site longer than I have and I have never had the chance to interact with you.

    If you are serious about leaving then have a nice flight out..

    Really though, I hope to see you around.

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