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Thread: Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?

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    Question Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?

    I have not been on in a while. Also There had to of been new people who have become established here. So because of these things I am making a post on it. My Avatar is not updated to my new plushy so I will fill you in on my new one. I still love my Pinkie pie (Rosetta) but I sleep with my new one Glimaria. Also Long story on Rosetta and her name change. I will make a blog post on it soon.

    Ok with that said my new stuffed animal is a really big Pink unicorn with purple hair. She makes an amazing body pillow. Her character in my realm is still developing but I can tell you she has a really interesting since of humor.

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    So do any of you have a stuffed animal that you sleep with and or talk to in your imagination?

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    Haha......I sleep with seven plushies. My wife has complained as to how crowded the bed is getting, but she bought all of them for me. My main plushie is Maf Maf, my big teddy bear. I always wake up clutching him.

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    I've got 4 plushies at the moment that I sleep with every night. (You may all now point out that my plushies are the number of death in Asian cultures and be afraid.)

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    Hey MatalicPebble! I'm still new here, but I'm Magnolias, nice to meet you!

    I am not actually an AB, but that doesn't stop me from sleeping with stuffed animals!

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    This is Charlie. He's been with me for years, smells a little strangely... but he's mine. I originally got him because my ex-friend told me I was stupid for wanting him. Apparently grown adults are not supposed to have stuffed animals! I don't care about that, Charlie gives me comfort.

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    Here's the plushie I got from a friend here on ADISC (His name is raccoon). I like to sleep with him in my arms sometimes because he brings me comfort. I named him Cheerios after my our first dog when I was 5.

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    I sleep with my two My Little Pony plushies every night I can't imagine going to bed without them and sometimes I also like to talk to them.

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    I sleep with a soft dolly friend.
    Her name is "Pam".
    She comforts me and helps me to sleep.
    I hug her tight throughout the night to protect me.

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    Hi my name is Sisi.

    I sleep with Rex my faithful dog. Woff woff woff. Rex says hi to your unicorn. Grrrr woff. No Rex that not nice.
    Sorry about that. naughty doggy.

    Hee hee.

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    I always sleep with two really big stuffed animals, a teddy bear and a blue rabbit-like thing. The teddy bear is a bit too big and fuzzy to hug when sleeping, it makes it hard to breathe, but it always sits next to my pillow and I sometimes hug its leg or arm. The rabbit is kind of shaped like a long pillow and not very defined, but it's perfect to cuddle. I got both of them from Taiwan, one from my host dad and one from my class mates^^

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    I have 5 plushies but my main two are nana, shes a monkey and bruce the dog.. I can't choose one favourite because I feel bad if I do! I have had them since I was born

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