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Thread: Diapered while on vacation?

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    Default Diapered while on vacation?

    I am getting kinda worried about an upcoming vacation I have already booked. It is 30 days in China and Nepal, and most of the trip will be either in a hotel with a roommate, on a sleeper train, camping, or in a guesthouse with multiple other people. I doubt I will have any alone time at all during the trip.

    I am really emotionally dependent on diapers and the last time I tried to even give them up for a week (my last vacation) I ended up having such bad cravings that it was hard to enjoy myself especially toward the end. I am thrilled to be going on such an exciting trip, but how can I really get the most out of it and either be diaper free or safely find ways to wear without overdoing it?

    Also, the last time I went on such an extended trip (also 30 days, but backpacking in Europe) I spent huge amounts of time searching for diapers, scheming on how to wear them, and wearing diapers in less discrete ways than I should have. I almost ruined my trip because of diapers/abdl cravings, and I certainly didn't get as much from the experience as I would like to get out of my upcoming trip to Asia.

    Can anyone please make suggestions or share their own experiences on balancing abdl dependency and maximizing extended travel?

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    This is in case you're found out, say either that they are a precaution or flat out say the truth and state that if they go around calling you a baby and mocking you, say who is the real baby there, you, or the one running around being immature. Or just say my classical "don't like it? Too bad."

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    If I were in your situation, I would wear thin diapers or goodnights but wouldn't use them. This way you could wear one for the whole day. It would be a compromise between what you really want to do and what you really can/should do.

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    It looks to me like the OP may have a legitimate need for the diapers. In that case, maybe a doctor's slip would be in order. Because then, the reason for wearing would be verified as a medical necessity: To help the patient function better by reducing the level of physical discomfort experienced. I don't see it as being any different from someone who wears a coat and tie, simply because they feel uncomfortable in any other type of clothing.

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    Well they do have some of our toilets there but mostly they use squat hole type things with there toddlers , they have an open seam at the back of their pants and when mom whistles they go squat and do their business. For you I would say pack a suitcase with diapers and bring with you and wear like normal for you, also one piece of advice the cops over there that have a hello kitty on their sleeve are not to be messed with or really approached unless an emergency exists the hello kitty on the uniform means they have beaten the snot out of multiple people the character on the uniform is people's warning not to mess with that cop,the ones without the character are fine, I learned this in the 80's on a business trip there.nice place to visit ,some great people and culture, for about 2 years after that trip I still ate pickled vegetables for bteakfast (I am allergic to eggs so eating breakfast in America is pick and choose v's there breakfast of pickled vegetables was a nice switch) you will have the option of what you eat of course and if your typical American that's something with eggs.

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    I'd suggest just setting aside a spot in one of your bags for a few diapers. They'll take a little extra space, but not that much if you only pack, say, 4 of them. Wear them in the evenings but don't wet them, and be sure to space them out to last the trip without wearing out the tapes. Maybe wear one every 3 days and try to wear each one at least twice, let's say. If you're found out, just tell the truth: you need them for comfort but don't have to use them.

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    As for the OPS question of balance and such I can not answer because I wear because I'm IC and have no choice for them if they want to ask their doctor they could , however I have never met a Doctor that would provide a note such as that unless it was their current Psychiatrist ,all doctors hate diapers they signify something that modern medicine has no answer for and especially a Urologist because they feel it as both a medical failure as well as personal failure of their education and skills, nobody gets a medical note for traveling with diapers unless it's a true Medical need that they wear,unless like I say it's there current Mental health provider, because any other Doctor risks his license and reputation providing such a note especially for an out of country vacation,the risk / reward evaluation does not Balance out ,REMS leaves little wiggle room for a patients international travel comfort and psychological distress, you would probably have better luck asking for a script of benzo's for "fear of flying/ anxiety" rather than a note for TSA and international authorities to cover their extra baggage of diapers, either bring them and use them and just deal with anything that comes up over it as needed or face the fear and go without or try to bring one cloth diaper and use the bathroom and not the diaper a lone adult without a child flying and good night's is a recipe for detainment and questioning on why? And without admitting your a ABDL to authorities they would probably be confiscated and thrown out as suspicious, I mean look at this Somalia flight first reports on that was a disabled person in a wheelchair was responsible by virtue of a diaper bomb,that was quickly disproven but none the less traveling with anything unusual is going to be questioned at every point of contact with authorities, if you want to miss your flight or be detained an adult without kids, kids diapers and no kid is a great way. I just know what my training says and mine is a bit out of date although the Director/ SAC of the Sky Marshall's program is a friend, I could ask him and let you know his advice? .

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    There are many options:

    1. Cloth diaper
    This will not take as much space as any other option. Wear it with your underwear on so it won't get dirty, either! And you don't have to dry it out after washing for everyone to see.

    2. Couple of diapers
    Take like 4-8 diapers with you and decide on a schedule when to wear them

    3. Tell your friends
    Tell them you need diapers and just wear as you would without hassle. Buy the local diapers for your needs to save up space.

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    Quote Originally Posted by patrick1776 View Post
    I am getting kinda worried about an upcoming vacation I have already booked. It is 30 days in China and Nepal, and most of the trip will be either in a hotel with a roommate, on a sleeper train, camping, or in a guesthouse with multiple other people. I doubt I will have any alone time at all during the trip.
    If this is a hobby for you, for your enjoyment, don't force it. If it becomes a hassle, or an obligation, you've gone too far and are taking away from your enjoyment of it. Don't be afraid to say "wearing a diaper now isn't going to be fun". Always keep "I'm not going to wear for that" as an option, and exercise it when you need to.

    For me, there have been a number of times I've had to stop myself at the diaper cabinet and think, "Do I really want to diaper up for this? Will I be able to enjoy it or will it be a headache?" Since I wear basically 24/7, it's easy to forget to consider that option. But "ok it's 90 degrees outside and I need to go out and mow both lawns. nope!" or "We're going to be at the fair waking around in the sun for hours.... nopenopenope!"

    Never rule out "nope!" If you do, you may regret it later, and that will leave you with unhappy memories of suffering due to being diapered.

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