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Thread: Internet censorship

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    Default Internet censorship

    Internet censorship outside China is starting to look less like a impossible scenario and more like a reality each day. Recently a law in New Zealand encouraging ISPs to disconnect users who are accused of copyright violation has been brought in and caused an uproar on twitter.

    Similarily in my own country of Ireland, the IRMA (Irish RIAA) has gotten the largest ISP (which supplies 25% of broadband directly and up to 60% indirectly) to agree to implement a similar policy and to block sites which promote/containt copyrighted content without permission. The IRMA says it plans on bringing ISPs who do not implement similar policys to court for encouraging copyright violation.

    What is everyone's opinion on internet censorship. I'd have to say I'm against I will admit that it does have uses. e.g. blocking child porn. However, it is also possible to solve this in other ways (shutting down the sites).

    Also, this will require ISPs to monitor their customers internet usage. This is a gross violation of privacy IMO.

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    I'm pretty much only for them blocking child porn, HOWEVER even that I disagree with in my country because what constitutes child porn in our law is just incorrect (art =/= porn, and wikipedia should never be blocked!).

    The music issue is a weird one. Although with legal music so easy to get for free... youtube, myspace, free downloads... I do think that people need to realise that the luxury of guilt-free stealing is not going to last very long.

    I don't have an issue with CCTV being up in shops, so I don't really have an issue with sites that allow theft being blocked. As long our laws aren't stupid (see child porn laws), then I don't have a problem. I don't want to see the government blocking sites and messing with freedom of speech however...

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    If there is one thing that I object to paying for is music and films. 1) you pay about 15 (~$20-$25) for CD or DVD which is just outragous. They have charged over-inflated prices for far too long, and don't get started on DRM, I buy it is MY music therefore I should have the right to do what ever I want to do with it. And say you want to put a DVD on your archos or ipod, yet again it is copy-protected. IT'S MINE FOR GODS SAKE! let me do what I want with it, fair enough there are programs, which I have, but an hour to decrypt it an hour to convert it and another half an hour to compress it, why all that when I can download pretty much any film in just over an hour, WITHOUT ANY COPY RIGHT. Through trying to save money Hollywood and the music industry are starting to lose far more. While human rights campaingers are protecting pedofiles, rapists, terrorists & murders 'rights and privacy (ha fucking ha)' they watch people who cannot afford it, be fined tens of thousands of pounds, and thus selling thier house to pay for it, for what? not paying an extortionate amount to go see some film in the cinema or download a film they bought on VHS 10 years ago? this has all got out of control, why do they persist in oging after the people who download the film oposed to the uploader? This obscene madness has to end and that shall not happen until people stand up and air their views, we are the ones who have made the film and music industry what it is, so we should have a say what happens.

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    I've already seen censorship, but not by the ISPs. Every now and again, someone links me to an auction on Ebay, and when I click on the link I get a screen telling me "You cannot view this item in your country". I reckon it's Nazi stuff, which is normally illegal to own here.

    Other than that, it's not the ISP's job to enforce laws. If you download copyrighted material without permission of the copyright owner, or if you look at child porn and such, then you have to face the legal consequences. It should be the government's job to hunt down criminals and to punish them. The ISP sells internet access. I mean the phone company doesn't block your phone call when you make prank calls, call in a bomb thread to an airport and what not. Or how about a car that doesn't go faster than the speed limit now matter how far down you push the pedal?
    Getting the ISP involved is just the easy way out, and the government should go stand in the corner if they give up on the prosecution of criminals. Besides, why do we need copyright laws or child porn laws? If no one can break those laws, we may as well send the cops home and save the costs.

    Only one problem: Forcing people to do something hinders progress. Just imagine where we would be today if, in the 1950s, all access to porn was blocked. Back then, a bare ankle on a woman was considered porn. Would we have progressed to a more liberal attitude towards nudity or sex if no one had ever had the chance of watching porn...even illegally?

    I'm not saying we should all go out and break the law, download all the music we can get and look at child porn just for the sake of hoping it'll make our society progress, but if you pour the status quo into concrete you're eliminating the dynamics that is essential for human societies. Maybe the illegal downloading activities will eventually lead to a revolutionary way of distributing media.


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    I am wholeheartedly and fully against it.
    People have no right to say what other people can or can't look at.
    It's totalitarian and wrong.

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    I hate it. And it won't stop with piracy and such. If things like this go too far, people could be required to register their real names with every site they join someday. Then again, I generally hate any forced censorship. Governments shouldn't have the right to tell you what you can and can't see (except in cases where the content endangers someone's life, like child porn. Blocking stuff like that is acceptable).

    I also think that downloading music is not stealing. Even technically, it's copyright infringement, not theft. But I could go on and on, so I'm just not going to argue about that.
    But hey, why not outlaw radio and libraries.... they provide things for free! Free is evil! Ok, I said I wouldn't argue about this... and so I will shut up now.

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    If it has the word Censorship in it, I'm going to start a rally against it.

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    Well, let me know where that rally's gonna be. I'll be right behind you with that. I also agree with everything ShippoFox said. The government shouldn't be able to decide what you can see, with the exception of certain things, that should, in fact, be censored.

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    Quote Originally Posted by adaffme149 View Post
    Well, let me know where that rally's gonna be. I'll be right behind you with that. I also agree with everything ShippoFox said. The government shouldn't be able to decide what you can see, with the exception of certain things, that should, in fact, be censored.
    It's gonna be everywhere. Sit-in for the win.

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    if there is one thing i dont want people messing with is my internet. LEAVE MY INTERNET ALONE!

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