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Thread: Intro (didn't see the intro threads until now!)

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    Wink Intro (didn't see the intro threads until now!)

    Hey all, I just found these intro threads here! Apologies, but it'll have to be my 10th post as opposed to first

    I registered here to post not long after I started to lose bladder control and become incontinent, after having been a closet DL for my entire life (plot twist! hence the username, hah). You can read more about that on my actual first thread I posted in the Incontinence forum. I'm slowly coming to feel more at peace with it, although sometimes I feel guilty in the fact I take pleasure in diapers, and other times I'm at the other end of the spectrum and wish I could get a break from them. Seeing as my girlfriend has been so supportive of me, and even suggesting to wear herself (jokingly - I think), I've been reading the other threads about possibly introducing her to the DL scene... might even have to make one of my own thread (it's a bit complex, and having other opinions might be nice). Not much into the AB scene myself, but I could do the caretaker role.

    As far as things outside the ABDL scene go, I'm a happy-go-lucky sort of guy, fiercely optimistic, working in the tech industry. I love live music, food and drinks, being social and hanging out with friends - which does get a bit tricky now with IC, but I'm doing good so far!

    Mostly what I'm looking for out of ADISC is to be able to talk about related things and get opinions from others, as well as help out with some of my own when I can. It's already helped tons in making me know I'm not alone

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    Hello Plot Twist and welcome to the group.

    First or tenth it is still nice to meet you.


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    I see the user name "Plot Twist" and for some reason keeping imagining the "Dramatic Hamster".

    That's pretty cool that your girlfriend is being supportive. There's a bunch of us here, that would love to have that.

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    I and welcome. I love live music too. I'm actually a professional music and perform live every week, but I still enjoy listening to other musicians.

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