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Thread: Elastic waistband in rear?

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    Default Elastic waistband in rear?

    I know that having elastic waistbands on both the front and back of a diaper is considered a plus, but I'm not sure what function the elastic actually serves. Can someone shed some light on this subject?

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    Not sure. I have often wondered the same thing.

    Having used both with waistbands and without..... I honestly see no difference. To make my diaper tight I find I stretch the elastic out to its max which negates having an elastic to begin with. Plus, the elastic band is not as strong as say the elastic on a pair of underwear, so you cant leave the diaper loose and only reply on the elastic to hold them up.

    and to show what we are talking about because most diaper these days dont have them... and because a picture can tell 1000 words.

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    I find elastic waistbands helps keep the top of the diaper close to your skin. If it sticks out and you sit down or bend over, causing the shirt to ride up and get inside the diaper. Makes it visible to other people.

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    - fits more comfortably
    - don't have to attach the upper tapes quite so tight (and if you do, they usually end up breaking)
    - back skin high on the diaper doesn't get as sweaty and smothered
    - gives more stretch in the front for when the diaper swells in the crotch or in the front and pulls the diaper down and out

    DON'T stretch the front out taught when attaching the upper tapes. As you said, that defeats the purpose of the elastic. Leave some give, it will still hold your diaper up but will be pulled taught when you bend over or when the diaper swells from wetting.

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    Yeah what Bambinod said,it if used right also enables a IC person to drop and squat for bowel or also for cathing or changing the soaker out, with a little bit of elastic in the waist and legs you also keep a seal that's flexible so you don't sweat as much

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    Yeah, I love diapers with both back and front elastic band! it leaves it so much more breathable and mallable

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    I have often wondered the same thing, and have decided that, at least for me, elastic makes no sense at all. If I allowed enough slack for the elastic to do what it was designed to do, it would be too loose to stay up. No elastic on the planet would keep a wet diaper up where it belonged. Give me a diaper that's been taped on tightly enough to stay put and close gaps at the legs and waist and I'm a happy camper. I think elastic is one of those features people look for, insist on, and are then completely unaware they never really use.


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    Quote Originally Posted by RMS401 View Post
    I have often wondered the same thing, and have decided that, at least for me, elastic makes no sense at all. If I allowed enough slack for the elastic to do what it was designed to do, it would be too loose to stay up.
    Make no mistake, it's a very narrow range! But once you find the "sweet spot" to place the top tapes, you're golden. Here's what I have on hand right now, with and without front/rear elastic:

    abu simple: yes
    abu space: yes
    bambino teddy: yes
    buntewindel fabine: yes
    comficare crinklesV2: yes
    diaper conneseuir crinklz: yes
    diaper conneseuir kitten: yes
    diaper conneseuir idyl: yes
    tykables waddlers: yes
    tylables overnights: yes

    bambino totaldry plus: NO
    tena slip basic: NO
    tena slip maxi plastic: NO
    tena slip maxi cloth: NO
    wellness superio: NO
    xp medical absorbency plus 3: NO
    xp medical absorbency plus 4: NO
    abena xplus: NO

    The abena xplus (and possibly the xp medical AP/4) are the ONLY "no" anyone here is going to call a "high quality diaper". Pretty much everything in the "yes" group (possibly not the regular waddlers) gets universally high marks. While the elastic may not actually account for much itself, it's certainly a reliable "mark of quality". Look for it

    Nowadays, most of the time I tape up my diapers BEFORE putting them on. Close to 100% of the time with the "yes" diapers. I know exactly where the tapes go, and I get a perfect fit, every single time. I can get into them, and they stay up on their own, unless very wet. It's more difficult to do that with the no's

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