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Thread: ABU Super Dry Kids v2 / Cushies v2 Review

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    I just got an order of cushies sdk and lavender v2 in today and I must say. This is one of the best diapers I've ever tried. It's only my first one ever and admittedly I wasn't sure about where to stick the tapes but after like 3 readjustments I settled around the upper middle my tapes face just slightly downwards. I'm wearing a medium and I have a 32 pants size. It's held like 5 full wettings and has swollen up soo much. I had a minor leak from the right leg gather in the middle of my 4th wetting and on my 5th I decided to pull the sides close to me during the act. I think this diaper shines most with press-out. The press-out is so minimal I feel like I'm sitting on a phone book. I haven't had anything leak from sitting until this 5th wetting. But now as I lay down it's all relatively secure. I love this diaper it's soo comfortable. Boy does it swell though I was waddling after the first use and now I can't even touch my legs together.

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    Interestingly enough, I actually find that the single tapes on these fit me better than double tapes. If I tape them right on my hip bones, they feel incredibly secure. I always feel like the double tapes get a loose spot in between the tapes. I'm fairly slender, which may be the reason the single tapes work so well for me.

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