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Thread: Go get a kids meal at mcdonalds

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    Default Go get a kids meal at mcdonalds

    do it! just do it now! a nice surprise is inside. do not look it up just do it and let it be fun.

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    It's midnight here o.o
    Also, I is broke lol.

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    Do it! Just do it!, don't let ur dreams be dreams!!

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    I don't eat McDonalds I prefer Burger King or Whataburger, which actually sounds pretty good right now.

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    Unless they start serving bodybuilding chicken breast its a no go

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    Quote Originally Posted by BabyToddler View Post
    I haven't had McDonalds in months.
    I haven't had one in years. Mechanically recovered pink slime with chemicals really isn't appealing... no matter how much fat and sugar you mix in. I still remember the taste and queasiness from the burger I had several years ago. And what on earth is that yellow sludge they put in cheeseburgers?! That is NOT cheese! Shudder.

    I'm surprised that McDonald's are still able to sell Happy Meals. Heavily promoting unhealthy eating to children who have been "paid off" with tempting toys is pretty poor behaviour.

    Most parents are embarrassed to be seen giving their kids junk food these days, which is why McDonald's has had to change their brand image so significantly: they've been left with the teenage and busy-commuter markets. Out with primary colours, hard hard plastic and pictures of clowns, and in with those big soft armchairs, salads and nutritional information posters... and alcohol licences in some Burger Kings.

    Whether due to legislation or dying trends, I reckon it won't be long before Happy Meals go the same way as those little foil ashtrays they used to provide when kids were their main customer group. And a good thing too!

    (Oh, crumbs. That turned into a bit of a rant, didn't it. Did I mention that I'm not keen on McDonald's food? )

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