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Thread: Greetings from Iowa!

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    Default Greetings from Iowa!

    Well, suppose I should introduce myself. I'm Bearman, how are you all doing? Iowa born and raised, currently self-studying Ruby and Python, been into diapers as long as I can remember. I like anime, gaming, roleplaying, movies... my hobbies are fairly mainstream.

    I'm looking forward to meeting friends and like-minded individuals. Thanks for reading!

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    Hello Bearman and welcome to the group.

    This is a very informative intro.

    Again welcome to the group.


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    Howdy and welcome to the group Bearman. What are some of your hobbies? I know you said they were mainstream, but what hobbies? Just curious.

    Hope you have a fun time here.

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    Hi and welcome. I was curious if you voted in the Iowa caucus. I'm not asking who you voted for. It just seemed that the process was very interesting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    It just seemed that the process was very interesting.
    That's true. I've never paid much attention to that. But it is.

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    @Mattew Well, like I said, gaming, anime, right now I'm neck-deep learning to code. I write a bit, and I enjoy good food. Nothing too terribly outlandish.

    @dogboy That I did, and the process was indeed interesting. I don't mind telling you I caucused for Sanders, either, but I won't get political here.

    Thank you all for the warm welcome!

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