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Thread: Does anybody else get the feeling of being very relaxed

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    Default Does anybody else get the feeling of being very relaxed

    Hi everyone Sis I hear.

    Does anybody else get the feeling of being very relaxed.

    Don't know why I have had this feeling for most of the day.

    I don't know if relaxed is the right word. Kind off happy inside. But not the sort where you are laughing.

    Right now It is 8.00 pm. I have had my bottel. And i am in bed. With a dry diaper. Rex my cuddly dog. And i am sucking my pacifier.

    Although I am a tired little boy. I am still feeling this way. It is good and i don't won't it to stop. It just feels right.

    Can eny one try and explain what it is that I am feeling and why.



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    I want your life. I need to feel that relaxed

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    I get that feeling too! especially when cuddled up with my plushies with a warm bottle of milk and a little bit of honey and my fluffy blanket watching Sophia the First I love my little head space but I don't know what gets me there, once I'm there though I literally have the mind of a two and a half year old and I don't come back out of it easily

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    Yes, laying down with a diaper on, a bottle and a paci, gives me that relaxed feeling.

    I pretty much lose all control, and zone out even bladder control, It's a awesome feeling.

    Oddly enough, I can't do that with just a diaper, i find it hard :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by CPDude View Post
    I want your life. I need to feel that relaxed
    Hi sis I hear.

    What's stopping you?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Hi every one.

    It is 2:45 in the morning. I wock up still feeling this way.

    I need changing, feeding, bottle of worm milk, sounds good. Then putting back to bed.

    Wish I could put a name to how I feel. It is so good.


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    Quote Originally Posted by sisi View Post
    Wish I could put a name to how I feel. It is so good.Sisi

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    Quote Originally Posted by zipperless View Post
    May bee.

    It morning now and Rex has gone walk about.

    It OK I found him he was on the floor. Naughty doggy.

    I know how what it's like. it's like the way you feel after you've had a very nice dinner. But betterar.

    OK i awack now and i got a lot of playing to do. I thinks I start by jumping on my bed and see if i can do a back flip.

    Talk you you all latter.

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    Me too, I am the same way. Nothing like having a nice warm bottle before bed time.

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    Hi Sisi hear

    I know what it is.

    It is "Contentment" which is a big word that means


    I like ease of mind. Means not stressed.

    Have I finally come out of my mental illness? ??

    Or is choosing this lifestyle just a coping statutory for my mental illness??

    I really don't know. But I am a happy little boy.

    I don't know if I will ever grow up and be what ever normal is. And the more I think about this the more confused I get.

    I think it is time to play some more lego.


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    I do not get to wear often as I live with parents (I haven't had a chance to put a Nappy on at all this week and I really want to wear one so much!)

    When I do get to wear, one per session at maximum, I soak my Nappy to the limit haha and after I take my soaked Nappy off I feel relaxed for the rest of the whole day! It is incredible. So yes, just after wearing a Nappy and even once I have taken it off all of my thoughts and depression and anxiety completely disappear for the rest of the day, just after one Nappy! I can't work out how wearing a Nappy stops me from thinking of everything else and even when I have taken it off, but it is just incredible how it does, I guess it must just be due to the fact I have a Nappy to think about instead of everything else, I love them so much

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