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Thread: Wacky/Odd/Scary School Stories!

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    Talking Wacky/Odd/Scary School Stories!

    Everyone has a couple of these stories to share, they are awkward moments in school like when someone let a chicken loose in school or when someone punched a teacher etc etc! So dont be shy share away!

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    Well! One time I fell asleep during a study hall class and it was a deep sleep and our annoying bell woke me up. While I was sleeping my legs fell asleep so when I got up I felt nothing under me. Unable to use my legs i tried pulling myself up on the table and try standing up but I fell again this time I just laid there until I could feel legs again. When I got up I started to limp because I twisted my ankle real bad and it hurt for a couple of weeks.

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    once I got suspended cos I lost my temper and went right off at one of my teachers, and once I threw a chair at someone

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    Ooh! So many. I guess I just have time for a few before I decide I'm bored with the topic for an hour though.

    To start off the first one, I get to school like an hour before everybody else does, there's no way around it. So, I really have about an hour and half before I have to go to class. So, I sit down, and actually take a nap for the whole thing. I wake up to the bell and try to get up, only for BOTH of my feet to have fallen asleep during that time. I must have fallen about 6-7 times, without anybody offering to help me. It took forever for me to get to class. So sad.

    Oh hey, bored now. Guess I'll be reading this on the side till I decide on another story.

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    Well... there was this one time when two guys reversed up in a car outside our sports halls. They quickly ran inside and stole a whole lot of balls and other sporting equipment. After loading it back into their car instead of driving forward, the driver idiotically reversed back.... over ledge that was about 2 metres high! The back end of the car went off edge and the car was almost sitting on it's back end. Needless to say, the two guys got out and ran like all hell.

    I'll tell you what, coming out for lunch and seeing a car on it's back end having been driven over an edge it just hilarious. >_<

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    Can't remember any stories from school but there is one from work.

    My mate and our team leader were clearing out this toilet.

    The team leader was out side of the train after clearing out this toilet.
    TeamLeader: Can you pass me the mop stick.
    Mate: Just the mop stick?
    TeamLeader: Yes.
    *Mate pulls the mop stick out of the mop head and hands it to him*
    TeamLeader: What is this?
    Mate: The stick you asked for.
    TeamLeader: ... No all of it. Mop and the mop stick.
    Mate: But you said--
    TeamLeader: No I meant all of it.
    *mate puts the mop head and stick together and hands it to the teamleader*
    Me, my mate and the Machinc all laughed.

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    Oh I have tons.

    First day of school I fell down a flight of stairs... in my kilt.

    I split the arse of my pants (They took them in too much when I bought them), and had to walk around all day like that, and then explain to my male teacher why I had my coat around my waist. (It's not part of the uniform, so it's not allowed.)

    I puked in class once.

    I have gotten lost (I believed the story about the pool on the roof, stupid me!)

    I had a pen explode in my breast pocket, but my teacher gave me a pocket protector which was awesome! ^.^

    I once spilled ketchup all over my shirt. (My shirts are all white, btw.)

    I tripped someone, when I was sitting in the hallway.

    lol, there are tons, I'm just too lazy to post them all now! xD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anon E. Mouse View Post

    I get to school like an hour before everybody else does, there's no way around it. So, I really have about an hour and half before I have to go to class.
    So do I! I get a really good parking spot and I don't have to deal with crappy drivers!

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    During break, my friends and I were loitering outside, my school was surrounded by wide fields, around a mangled, sturdy wire fence, the top had unhinged itself from the poles keeping it in place so it sorta arched over, enough for us to climb and balance ourselves ontop similiar to a hammock. Well, when trying to hurdle down, break was almost over, I lost balance & slipped, falling down fowards until I stopped, seemingly mid-air! A piece of wire managed to get caught in my trousers, entirely ripping apart one side till my underwear was flashing! Lucky it avoided my leg otherwise no doubt it would have caused a nasty injury. I was left swinging from one side to the other till my friends regained their senses too occupied pointing & laughing to help me down.

    Another time during a so-called simple science practical involving gas & you guessed it, fire, something happened to fault and our teacher caused an explosion almost blowing his arm clean off, it didn't, but he was still badly injured and was quickly carted off to hospital.

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    Once i was in a supermarket with my friend, and i was quite bored. When a man walked by me i decided to engage him in conversation to quell this was the exact conversation:

    Me: Back over there tuesday?

    Random Man: What?

    Me: Oh, vending machine yellow.

    Random Man:...what?

    Me: What?

    *i walked away*

    ...after walking around a bit more i saw that same man...

    Me: Nah, the milk didn't work.

    Random Man: Huh? *walks away quickly*

    Hehe, 'twas a great experience. ^_^
    I know it wasnt AT school, but i was with school mates

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