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Thread: Anyone here play Osu!

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    Default Anyone here play Osu!

    So, as the thread name might suggest, does anyone on this forum play Osu!?

    If you have no idea what that is, It's a rhythm game where you click circles to the beat of music.

    So, if you do play Osu!, what difficulty songs do you play? I've only played actively for quite a short amount of time and I'm currently playing songs with AR rating around 9.

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    I used to play it a lot, but got bored of it after a while due to having to use a mouse. If I had a touch screen I probably would still play it.
    I play a lot more step mania.

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    I used to play this all the time but I barely touch it now. It always baffled me that osu! was not on steam though. It really should be it would make downloading songs and what not easier if they could use steams workshop stuff.

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