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Thread: Finding Diapers in Paris.

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    Default Finding Diapers in Paris.

    I have recently moved to Paris and I am finally living by myself and I am able to buy and wear diapers now. However ordering them is not an option seeing as I have to go to my work place to pick them up and I am NOT risking that. Before the holidays I was able to buy Tena Slip Maxis and Molicare Super Plus at the Pharmacy close by. Now however all five pharmacies around me say they do not have them. Is it possible to ask them to order them for me and I pick them up? Or is there a place in Paris anyone knows where I can pick them up. And I mean like Tena Slip Maxi etc, not the pull up style Tenas.

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    Im not sure about paris, but if you speak french, ask around for a disabilty living shop.. They generally sell diapers for adults.. I know they do here in austria..

    Or try other brands some are ok


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