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Thread: Awkward chat at work =s

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    Default Awkward chat at work =s

    So, I was having a conversation while working with a work friend today that took a turn to awkwardness. Basically talking about random crap and somehow the reality show 'My weird Addiction' came up. Mostly we talked about the people with weird eating habits and people who eat random inedible stuff. Like asbestos or something. XD

    Anyone who knows the show can probably tell where this is going. But to those that don't, basically they've done a couple of episodes with AB/DLs, and their(our) obsession. So yeah, the AB/DL stuff came up and instantly made me blush. I worried they noticed I was diapered too. =s

    While talking about it I kinda added I "understood" why some people are like that. Because being an adult kinda sucks with taxes and all. They unexpectedly kinda agreed with me But then added that wearing and using nappies is gross

    Felt kinda nervous for the rest of my shift after that. Started feeling like people could tell.
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    Might wanna fix that typo but yeah I feel like most people might understand the regression thing. A lot of people have their own outlets for "regressing" from their daily lives. We just happen to have a more literal definition.

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    I think you mean "rest of my shift"..........or maybe not!

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    Don't you just wonder sometimes. How is it that of all the things to hit on, it's the adult baby? And you're wearing a diaper. I understand that five of the planets are lining up in a straight line. Maybe that explains it.

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    They *might* be onto you and be trying to bait you out. Or whoever said it first might be ABDL and unable to keep from saying something about the show. If I have to bet 50 cents on it, I'll put my money on choice B, unless you aren't discrete enough.

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    Yeah, I can relate to all of this. Although my parents wer and are supportive my mum likes to take the piss out of me sometimes by dropping the odd remark. I just tell her to stop it and shut up or I will mention that she has the odd "accident" sometimes.

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    When ever I say I understand the appeal, people wonder at first but then realize I am just open minded and I even say "we have have some kind of thing that gets us through life so who am I to judge."

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    People often talk about "weird shit" like no one would be into it.
    Trans people know this too well, people continuously talk like no trans people exist and they are "somewhere out there" even if they are talking straight at the face of one.
    You got the same situation going on here, I bet.

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