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    Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone has ever slept in a crib that just has the press board support in it, instead of the metal spring support. I've slept in one with the metal support and it was great. My mommy wants to buy a folding crib for me to hide during the day, and they only come with the press board support. Anyone have thoughts? And these are regular baby cribs, not adult cribs. The one she's looking at is from Dream On Me, model 673.

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    Hi Chrisser press board will not support you I have looked at them will stay with my crib that has metal spring support. Sleep in it every night it's so comfy.


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    I'm sure the pressboard will not hold up well, if at all.

    You can get some wood to make a small box-like thing that could fix under the crib or use some other type of wood bracing that could also be broken down easily for hiding.

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